Linking gradebooks is used in schools with Master Schedules for teachers who teach multiple periods of the same subject.

The Link Gradebooks option will allow you to create a group of gradebooks. Using this option, any changes made to Category Types, Assignments, Final Marks and Rules in one gradebook in the group will also update all of the other gradebooks in the group with the same changes.

To link gradebooks, click the mouse on the Link Gradebook button on the top of the dashboard page.

The following screen will display with all gradebooks. The Group field will display on the left side of the screen with zeroes in the field. The zeroes indicate unlinked gradebooks.

NOTE: Gradebooks must be linked when the gradebooks are created AND before Categories and Assignments are added. Gradebooks should not be linked after Assignments have been added.

To Link Gradebooks enter the same number in the Group field. For example, all gradebooks listed below with 1 entered in the Group field will be linked. The gradebook will move from the Ungrouped section to the Grouped section.

Linking gradebooks together will cause all Category Types and Assignments changes to apply to all gradebooks in a group.

NOTE: When Linking gradebooks any change made to Category types or assignments will update ALL gradebooks that are linked.