Scheduling Student Course Requests 

Scheduling Students into Sections  

Reject Tags 

Summer School Scheduling - Hand Scheduling  


Summer School Scheduling Master Schedules can be built in the current database when using the new Summer School Course Requests feature. The Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) or SMS Board from the Summer School will analyze the Summer School Course Requests (SSR) table instead of the SSS table when configured for Summer School Scheduling. For more information on enabling this setting, see Summer School - School Options.

To schedule for Summer School:

  • Log into the Summer School in the current database
  • Enable Summer School Course Request Scheduling option in Scheduling Setup
  • Add Terms (TRM)
  • Verify Staff in TCH or STF table depending on Traditional or Flex Scheduling
  • Build the SMS table in the Summer School. This can be done using the SMS or the SMS Builder in the SMS Board.

The following can be done from either the summer school or from within any school including district school. However, it must be in the same database as the summer school.

Scheduling Student Course Requests

When scheduling in Summer School, the students will not be in the school, but can be scheduled based on their Summer School Course Request (SSR) records. 

Students can be scheduled into summer school courses while staying in their regular school. This eliminates the need to pre-enroll students in Summer Schools until closer to the end of the regular academic year. 

For more information on adding student course requests, see Summer School Student Course Requests.

Scheduling Students into Sections  

The scheduling of students into sections takes place in the summer school even when the students have not been copied over to the Summer School yet.

The following pages have been adjusted for summer school scheduling:  Scheduling Master, SMS Board, Schedule All Students, Scheduling Optimizer, Backup and Restore Scheduling Results

NOTE: After the "Copy Students into Summer Schools" process has been run, SSR scheduling backups (summer school scheduling) can no longer be restored. Running this process disables summer school scheduling. Please ensure that after the copy process has been run that a new scheduling backup is taken which will allow the data to be restored to that point in time.

The SMS Board, SMS Builder can be used to add new sections. The correct Term must be used on all new sections. The Term must match the Summer School Course Request (SSR) Terms.

When running the Schedule All Students function from the summer school, a Section (SSR.SE) field in the Summer School Course Request (SSR) table will get populated with the section number if successfully scheduled. This field will display in the Summer School section of the Course Requests/Schedule page within the student's regular school. 

Reject Tags

A Reject (SSR.RT) field is available when scheduling in the Summer School. Below are some Reject Code descriptions:

M = Term – Verify that the Summer School Term has been mapped correctly. Also verify that SMS sections have the correct Term.

C = Conflict – Verify sections are available for the Summer School Course Requests.

I = Invalid Course – Verify sections have been added for the Course.

G = Grade Range – Verify the section grade ranges are correct.

F = Full Classes – Verify the section Max is set correctly or add new sections.

The SMS Board Reject Course button and the Course Changes button can be used to find and correct rejects.

For more information on scheduling, please refer to the following documents: Scheduling Master Schedule Board and Student Scheduling.

Summer School Scheduling - Hand Scheduling  

Students can be hand scheduled into existing sections that were created from the Summer School Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS table) all while in the current database. When logging into the student’s current school, the Summer School Course Requests section on the Course Request page can be edited. A course and section number can be added. Also a Locked field is available to prevent the scheduler from overwriting the section. 

The section number must be a valid section in the Summer School's Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS). An Invalid Section Number message will display if trying to schedule a student with a section within the same period and term or with an existing section number.

The section field will display with a drop-down of all valid sections from the Summer School's SMS table. The list will automatcially filter itself by not displaying sections that will conflict with existing sections within the same period and term.

For more information on scheduling student course requests, see Adding Summer School Course Requests.

The Summer Course Requests Management page can also be used when logged into the summer school to edit or delete Summer School Course Request records for students who already have them.