The Summer Course Requests Management page allows users to add, edit or delete any summer course request of the students who have submitted summer course requests when logged into the summer school. The page only displays in summer schools when the Scheduling Setup option "Summer School Course Request Scheduling" is enabled.   

There are two filters available:

  • Students With Rejected Requests? - This option will display students with rejects in the Summer School Course Request table (SSR.RT field).  
  • Students With No Scheduled Sections? - This option will display students with no scheduled Summer School Course Request records. (SSR.SE = 0)

Column heading filters are available for all of the columns on the Student List:

Clicking on a student from the student list will display the student's Summer School Course Request records. If the user has permission to the SSR table, an Edit icon will display. This is the same information displayed on the Course Requests or Course Requests / Summer page.