A new option is available on the Scheduling Setup Options page for summer schools.  Select the Summer School Course Request Scheduling option when logged into the summer schools in the current database

With this option selected, the scheduling reports will pull data from the Summer School Course Requests (SSR table) instead of the Course Requests (SSS) table. 

The students do not need to be moved/copied to the summer school to run the scheduling reports.  The reports will include students throughout the district that have courses with the summer school number.

All Scheduling reports are available when logged into the summer school:

  • Print Scheduling Course Request Tally      
  • Print Scheduling Course Request Listing    
  • Students With More or Less Than N Course Requests
  • Print Scheduling Course Request Letter to Parent
  • Preschedule Edit Listing
  • Scheduling Course Request Analysis
  • Scheduling Class Load Analysis
  • Scheduling Class Load Averages
  • Scheduling Reject Analysis Listing
  • Students With Double Periods
  • Students With Incomplete Class Schedules
  • Students With More or Less Than N Periods
  • Students With Unbalanced Academic Weight
  • Scheduling Letter to Parent
  • Summary of Students by Teacher and Period
  • Student Locator Cards