After Summer School Terms have been created, the Summer School Courses for every course available at each summer school and term will need to be configured. 

The courses are from the Course (CRS) table.  

Navigate to Scheduling Process > Summer School > Summer School Courses.

The Summer School Courses page will display each Summer School Term previously added to the selected Summer School.

Click on the Add/Edit Courses button to add courses to the selected summer school and term. Courses from the Course (CRS) table will display in numeric order. The Credit column displays the Course Default Credit Value (CRS.CR) from the Course table. The credits can be changed when creating sections in the Scheduling Master Schedule in the summer school.

Search icons are available for each column. Courses can be searched by Course ID or Course Title.

The Portal? column enables courses for online course request entry in the Parent/Student Portal. 

When finished making selections, click the Save button to save the list of selected courses.

Each subsequent time that the Add/Edit Courses button is clicked, course selections that have already been saved will display at the top of the list so they can quickly be reviewed or de-selected as needed.

NOTE: For elementary summer schools that are not using a Master Schedule, a placeholder “Summer School” course can be created. The course can be assigned to students who will be attending the elementary summer school. Assigning a Summer School course is necessary to move/copy the students from the regular school into the appropriate summer school.