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Select Feeder Schools - Schools Where Students Are Coming From  

Scheduling Term - Map Term Codes  


Terms must be defined for each summer school in the current school.  The terms can be set up from the district database for multiple summer schools. The summer schools must be included in the current databases School Options (LOC) table and flagged as a 'summer school'.

Filter Pages by "summer school terms" or navigate to Scheduling Process > Summer School > Summer School Terms

Click on Summer School Terms and the following page will display.

The Summer School dropdown will display schools with a Session Type of Summer in School Options (LOC.U = 1).  Summer School Terms will need to be configured for each summer school that will be in session.

Add Term Codes  

Summer School Term codes need to be added to the Code Table to continue. For the initial set up, click on the Add Summer School Term button and the following message will display with a link to add the codes. Different terms can be set up for different summer schools.

Click on the link to the Code Table to add the Summer School Terms to the SST table and TM field. Add all the term codes that will be used in all the summer schools in the district.

Note: If you do not want to set up Summer School Terms right now, a "Year" term can be created. At least one term MUST be defined before proceeding.

Return to the Summer School Terms page to continue. Now when the Add Summer School Term button is clicked the following page will display with a Summer School Term selection.  

Click on the Summer School Term drop down to display the terms. This drop down comes from the Code (COD) table for SST.TM that were entered in the previous step.

Select the appropriate Summer School Term. If multiple terms will be in session, each term needs to be added separately. A Note field is available for informational purposes.

If attempting to add a summer school Term that was not identified in the code table, the following message will display.

Select Feeder Schools - Schools Where Students Are Coming From  

Select the schools where students are coming from to attend this summer school. All and None buttons are available on the bottom of the page. Click on the Update button when the Summer School Term selection and Feeder Schools are selected.

Scheduling Term - Map Term Codes  

The Scheduling Term drop-down can be used as a map between the summer school term and the actual term in the Term (TRM) table. The drop-down values will come from the Term (TRM) table. If no values display, add codes to the School Info > Terms page. The term dates are not used at this time.  

Scheduling Term descriptions can be added to the Code (COD) table for the SST.ATM field to change the descriptions from Quarters (or Trimesters) to match the Summer School Terms. Use the Update Code Table form to enter code and description. 

Note: The Scheduling Term is optional. They can be defined before scheduling students. If defined, the scheduler will schedule students into any available section in the Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) table with the matching term.

Note: If no term is selected under the Scheduling Term drop-down, the scheduler will schedule students into any available section in the Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) table regardless of the section term (SMS.SM).  

The page will now display with the following information.

An Edit button is available to change the information selected. A Delete button is available to delete the term.

Note: Add each Summer School Term for the Summer School selected. If multiple summer schools will be available, change the Summer School drop down to the next summer school and add the Summer School Terms and select the Feeder Schools.