All summer schools that will be in session need to be added to the Schools Options page.  Under School Info on the navigation, click on School Options. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the page to add the summer schools.

The Session Type for the summer school should be Summer in School Options (LOC.U = 1).   Summer Schools do not need to have a Master Schedule.

Note:  It is important to verify that only the School Options record for the Summer School is set to Summer and not the regular school.

A new option is available on the Scheduling Setup page for summer schools.  Filter Pages by "scheduling setup" or navigate to Configurations > Scheduling Setup. Alternatively, under Scheduling Process on the navigation, click on Scheduling Dashboard.  Scheduling Setup is under A. Setup/Config on the dashboard. 

When logged into each summer school, select the Summer School Course Request Scheduling option.  With this option selected, the scheduling reports will pull data from the Summer School Course Requests (SSR table) instead of the Course Requests (SSS) table.