Your Aeries Home page is comprised of customizable widgets. Widgets are individual components that users can add to their home page as needed. Each widget provides a snapshot view of specific information.

The information is refreshed each time you log on.

Not all widgets are available to all users.

Add or remove widgets

  1. To add or remove a widget, click the settings icon in the top-right corner.

    A window opens allowing you to customize your widgets view.

  2. Select or remove the widgets from your homepage.

  3. Drag the widgets to reorganize the order in which they are displayed on your home page.

  4. Click Save.

    The Customize window closes, and the widget is added to your homepage.|

    Once a widget is added it can be further configured.

Available Widgets

  • My Tasks - Create a personal to-do list. See My Tasks Widget.
  • Calendar - Create a personal list of calendar events.
  • Resources - Access frequently used external websites.
  • Attendance Summary - View enrollment and attendance information for district or school, depending on login.
  • Intervention Caseload - View summary information about students with active intervention records, depending on permission settings.

IP Addresses

Information about the IP addresses accessing Aeries are displayed at the bottom of the page, allowing you to note any unrecognized IP addresses and unusual access times which may be a security concern.

Currently accessing from IPThe IP address of the device that is currently logged on to Aeries.
Last accessed from IPThe IP address of the device used by the last user who last logged on to Aeries, as well as the date-time stamp.