When a student was enrolled last year but does not attend this year (whether or not the reason is known), the student is considered a summer leaver and should be moved to an 'Inactives' campus, which is a placeholder for these types of students. The student and all of the student's records are copied into the Inactives School and then deleted from the current school.

  • Ensure that an Inactives school is set up. Typically the school ID is 999.
    • On the District Settings page under District Settings, be sure Inactives School field has a three-digit ID specified. 
    • If not click Change, enter the ID, and click Save.

The No Show Manager is designed to assist in managing summer leavers and will display a listing of students who have absences at the start of the school year. Using the No Show Manger is recommended to complete the following:

  1. Marking students as Summer Leavers
  2. Change the enrollment status to "No Show" for students who enroll in a school but do not show up to attend classes in that school when the school year begins.
  3. Update a student's enrollment to start on the first day of attendance for students who are absent at the beginning of the school year.

However, you may also mark students as summer leavers without using the No Show Manager.

Summer Leavers

Students who were enrolled last year but do not attend this year may be marked as a summer leaver following these steps:

  • From the student's Demographics page at the current school, click the Operations button, and then click Mark Student as a Summer Leaver. The Summer Leaver window opens allowing you to enter the required information.    
    • Leaver Reason (STU.LVR) - Select the student's Leaver Reason. These values reflect the TEDS Code Table C162-A for LEAVER-REASON-CODE (E1001). If the reason is unknown, select Other.
    • Status (STU.TG) - Select the enrollment status to be assigned to the student. Status codes are configured by the district from the Update Code Table page.
    • Inactives School - The Inactives school ID is displayed.
    • Leave Date (STU.LD) - The final date of the previous school year is displayed by default. This date should be used for all summer leavers.
    • Click OK.
      The student is moved to the Inactives school and deleted from the current school in the current school year. The actions taken are summarized below:

Demographics page (STU table)

SchoolYearStudent RecordSchl Leave Dt (STU.LD)Leaver Reason (STU.LVR)Enrollment Status (STU.TG)End Of Year Status (STU.EOY)
Current Current Does not existN/AN/AN/AN/A
Current PriorExistsBlankBlankActiveValue entered for STU.LVR
Inactives CurrentExists*Value enteredValue enteredValue enteredBlank
InactivesPriorDoes not existN/AN/AN/AN/A

Enrollment History page (ENR table)

SchoolYearStudent RecordLeave Date (ENR.LD)Exit Reason (ENR.ER)
CurrentCurrentDoes not existN/AN/A
CurrentPriorExistsValue enteredValue entered
InactivesCurrentExists*Value enteredValue entered
InactivesPriorDoes not existN/AN/A

* Be sure the option to Include Inactive Students is selected when searching for a student at the Inactives school.

No Show Students

Students who were enrolled in the district last year, but whose current year whereabouts are not yet known may also be marked as a No Show using the Summer Leaver operation feature outlined above. However, the district should investigate all No Shows to determine a valid LEAVER-REASON-CODE before the end of the School Start Window (SSW). 

Us the following options in the Summer Leaver operation feature outlined above to mark the student as a No Show:

  • Leaver Reason - Select Other.
  • Status - Select No Show.

Students who were pre-enrolled and have never attended a campus in the district may be marked as follows:


Option 1
Go to Student Data 1
Set the Student Status to “N” (No-Show)

  • Set the “Schol Leave Dt” to a date > 7/1 and < the first day of school
    • User will get a pop-up window re: deletion of courses/course requests
    • Student does not require a Leaver Reason as this student will not pull for state reporting
  • Set the Next Yr School to ‘999’.  (Or to your inactive school if different than 999.  This will move the student to 999 during the rollover process at the end of the current year.)

Note: The No Show Manager allows you to mark multiple students as No Shows at once. 


Option 2

Use the DELETE button at the bottom of Student Data 1 to delete the record from the system.

This is not recommended – especially if the district uses any 3rd party interfaces.