The Leaver Manager form provides a convenient way to look up and edit the student leaver reason for a list of students that have an existing STU.LVR value in either the current or previous year's database. 


Users will need Read and Update permissions to STU to access/utilize the Leaver Manager form. 

To access the Leaver Manager form, select Leaver Manager from the menu.

Select the Current Year or Previous Year option to begin working with the desired data. 

Optionally, you may select one or more Leaver Reasons to filter/reduce the number of students returned by the form. 

Note: The Student Leaver Reason (STU.LVR) field is located on the Student Demographics form



To change a student's Leaver Reason using the Leaver Manager form, select the pencil icon to the left of the student you wish to change.  

Select the new Leaver Reason and click the save icon to save your selection

Contact List

The Contact List for a student may also be accessed from the form by pressing the blue Contact List button