The Authorizations/Prohibitions page is a log of Parent approval/denial of Authorizations, Prohibitions and Waivers during Online Enrollment/Data Confirmation such as 'Allow my Students picture to be used in School Publications', 'Allow the Military to access my Students' Test Scores', 'Request a PE Waiver', etc. It can also be used to record Parents' acceptance/agreement of School Policies and other documents.  

Records can also be added directly from this page using the Add New Record button.

Date - The Date the Parent was presented the Authorization/Prohibition in the Parent Portal.

Type - These are the Authorizations set up in Portal Options - Parent Data Changing.

Status Date - The date the Parent updated the Status. 

End Date - When a 'Display after..' date is entered on the Parent Data Changing > Authorizations tab for Parents to renew the Authorization, the record will receive an End Date when the Parent runs through the Data Confirmation process. The End Date will be the record close-out date, one day before the Date in the Parent Data Changing > Authorizations tab.  Additionally, an End Date may be entered to close out Authorization records during the New Year Rollover process using the Close out open Authorizations (AUT) option.

Status - The Approval/Denial status the Parent entered. If an Authorization is not required, there may not be a Status set for it by the Parent.

Code - The Authorization Code that was set up in  Portal Options - Parent Data Changing.

Source - The email address of the Parent who completed the Data Confirmation process.

Comments - Staff can enter comments.

The Print buttons will produce a detailed report of the Students' Authorizations