The Secondary Student Data page contains additional data about the Student for State reporting, Parent Access Restrictions and other optional information.

Secondary Student Data California

CALPADS information is described in CALPADS in Aeries Basics - Secondary Student Data

Secondary Student Data Texas

Top Row California

Top Row Texas

Migrant Ed

  • State Migrant ID - Assigned by the State, required for state reporting. All students participating in the Migrant Ed program (PGM.CD = 135) must have a State Migrant ID populated. 
  • COE Migrant ID - County Office of Education assigned Migrant ID.

US School

  • < 3 Yrs - Students born outside the US must have this field populated. If the student has been enrolled in US Schools less than 3 cumulative years, populate this field with a "Y". Otherwise, populate it with a "N". This field must be manually populated. 

Foster Program

  • State Foster ID - Not required at this time. Foster information can be entered on the Foster page.

CA Partnership

  • Post 2ndary Plans - Post Secondary Plans. Values stored in the Code Table SSD.PSP. 


4-yr College

Community College


ROC/P or Vocational Program



  • Foreign Lang Comp - Foreign Language Competency. The number of years of High School Foreign Language to which the Students' level of Competency corresponds.

Primary Residence

  • This field is being deprecated and will only display if there is data in SSD.HMT.  Primary Residence information should be stored in Special Programs (PGM).

Voc Ed

  • Act. Military - Active Military Yes/No.

Middle Row California

Middle Row Texas

PreID Testing

  • Testing Group Code - Pre-Identification Testing Group Code. 
  • Testing Group Name - Pre-Identification Testing Group Code.

The PreID Testing setup information can be found on the CELDT Pre-ID Form.


  • Associates Degree - Degree Earned. Values stored in Code Table SSD.ADG.


                Computer Science                


Business Administration

Child and Adolescent Development

Communication Studies

Early Childhood Education


Bottom Row California

AVID Program

  • College Prep Enr - Yes/No
  • College Entrance Req - Status of Students Plans for meeting 4-year College entrance requirements.
  • Post 2ndary App - Post-Secondary Application Status.
  • Post 2ndary Acc - Post-Secondary Acceptance Status.
  • Post 2ndary Enr - Post - Secondary Enrollment Plans


  • At Least Half-Time Student - Yes/No

Bottom Row Texas

Full documentation for the Parent Access Restrictions can be found here.


  • At Least Half-Time Student - Yes/No

Parent Access Restrictions

  • Code – The restriction code that identifies why parental access is being restricted. These codes are set up in the Code table SSD.RCD.
  • Buffer School Days  – The number of School Days after the first parent is warned about the pending restriction that the restriction goes into effect. This allows time for the parents to resolve the issue before becoming restricted. 
  • Date Warned  – The date the parent was first warned of the pending restriction.
  • Start Date  – The date on which the restriction first goes into effect. On this date and afterward, the parent will only have permissions to the portal that are set up in the Restricted Portal Accounts group.
  • 1st User Warned – The first account name that was warned of the pending restriction.