The Fall 2 tab includes a new extract, the Post-Secondary Status (PSTS) file, that applies to the previous academic year cohort. The extract collects information on two groups of students:

  • CA Partnership Academy student who exited the previous academic year cohort. (Optional this year
  • Career Technical Education Completers - students who exited in the previous academic year cohort with specific exit codes (100,120,250,320,330,360) and were identified as Completers. This survey information was previously submitted to the CDE through the Perkins Data System (PDS) which is now retired.


Note:  We confirmed with CALPADS that they are supporting multiple status codes for one student for the Fall 2 submission. Aeries was not aware of this when we reviewed and programmed the PSTS extract based on the new code set and the file layout.  We will make adjustments in the future, but for the Fall 2 PSTS reporting, we are only extracting one status code per student.

A new Secondary Student Data (SSD) field has been created for the Post-Secondary Status code (PSS) and MUST be populated in the prior year's database.


LEAs will now submit the Post-Secondary Status data they have collected to CALPADS twice a year. During Fall 2, LEAs submit data collected for CA Partnership Academy and CTE completers for only students who exited secondary education in the previous academic year.  During End-of-Year (EOY) 4, districts submit data collected for students with disabilities (SWD) who completed secondary education in the previous academic year. LEAs will submit the PSTS file for IDEA from their special education data system (SEDS) via the Application Programming Interface (API) to CALPADS.

If they wish, districts may store the Post-Secondary Status data for all students in the field provided whenever they receive survey results; the Fall 2 extract will only include CA Partnership students and CTE Completers. 


Note:  When entering the Post-Secondary Status for students, make sure to populate the SSD.PSS field in the prior year's  database at the school where the primary enrollment's final exit was recorded for the student, regardless of where the CTE Completer status was earned. It should NOT be entered into a student's secondary enrollment school.

ALSO:  Both the prior year AND current year databases must be located on the same server for the PSTS extract to work properly!


The CALPADS Update Flash #164 attached contains information on how to identify the students in the cohort who were CTE completers in the prior year.

Also attached is a power point with information on the PSTS file.