The File Download Section displays the files created.  The file information displays including the file Type, Extract name, Batch # and information when the file was created.

A Submit check box is available to indicate files that have been submitted to CALPADS.  This check box is informational only.  The file reference is stored in the FLI - File Location Information table and the physical file is stored on the reporting engine.

The following information is displayed on the File Download area:

  • Type – type of CALPADS extract 
  • Extract Name – unique file name. The first 3 characters indicate the school the user was logged into when running the extract.
  • Batch – batch id when the extract was initiated
  • Created – date extract was created
  • Start – time when the extract began processing
  • End – time when the extract completed processing
  • User – user name that ran the extract
  • Status – either “Processing” while the extract is running, or “Completed” when the extract has finished. The Completed status also indicates the number of extract records created.
  • Submit – the check-box can be used to indicate which files are used for reporting. Informational only.

The Filters button enables the files to be filtered by Extract Type, user name or date and time.  The Reset button can be used to reset the filters.