The CALPADS Log Details page allows users to modify or delete records in the Log Details table.  The Log Details table logs changes to key CALPADS fields. They can change the effective date of records or delete records with bad data.

Fields include: 

  • Grade level changes – will be extracted in the SENR file with code E150 automatically populated when a 440 code in Aeries is used.
  • Student Names (LN, FN, MN, SF, LNA, FNA, MNA and Legal Names)
  • Address (AD, CY, ST, ZC, ZX, RAD, RCY, RST, RZC, RZX) - Student Address changes are stored in the Address History (ADH) table and can be edited on the Address History form in Aeries.
  • Birth fields (BD, BCY, BST, BCU)
  • Gender (GN)
  • Ethnicity/Race(s) (ETH, RC1-RC5)
  • Parent Ed (PED)
  • Language Assessment (LAC)
  • US School Entry Date (USS)
  • Secondary Student Data (SSD)
  • US School < 3 Years (SUS)
  • Update Program information – populate appropriate start and end dates
  • Homeless students, enter the students Dwelling Type and indicators if applicable.


The users will need permissions to LGD.

READ - view the information

UPDATE - modify information

DELETE - delete records of changes to CALPADS information

Clicking on the Pencil will allow editing of records

Duplicate records mean there was more than one STU record updated. This usually occurs when the Student is enrolled at different schools.

Note:  The SINF extract will ignore the date of the change from the CALPADS Log Details and instead use the student enrollment start date. This will apply to the following absolute fields where data should not be changing for a student:

  • Student Birth Date (STU.BD)
  • Student Birth City (STU.BCY)
  • Student Birth State (STU.BST)
  • Student Birth Country (STU.BCU)
  • Student Ethnicity (STU.ETH)
  • Student Race (STU.RC1-RC5)
  • US School Enter Date (LAC.USS)