When a student was enrolled last year but does not attend this year (whether or not the reason is known), the student is considered a leaver or mover and should be moved to an 'Inactives' campus, which is a placeholder for this type of student. The student and all of the student's records are copied into the Inactives School and then deleted from the current school.

  • Ensure that an Inactives school is set up. Typically the school ID is 999.
    • On the District Settings page under District Settings, be sure Inactives School field has a three-digit ID specified. 
    • If not click Change, enter the ID, and click Save.

The No Show Manager is designed to assist in managing leavers or movers and will display a listing of students who have absences at the start of the school year. Using the No Show Manger is recommended to complete the following:

  1. Update a student's enrollment to start on the first day of attendance for students who are absent at the beginning of the school year.
  2. Mark students who enroll in a school but do not show up to attend classes when the school year begins as a "No Show".
  3. Mark students as a Leaver or a mover.

However, you may also mark students as a leaver or mover without using the No Show Manager.
Once the No Show Setup options are configured follow these steps from the Demographics page to first set the student as a No Show and then mark the student as a leaver or a mover once you determine their status.

No Show Students

Students who were pre-enrolled and have never attended a campus in the district may be marked as follows:


Navigate to Student Data >Demographics > Student Data 1 tab

  • Set Status to N-No-Show.  Make sure your No Show Setup page has the correct options set.
  • The School Leave Dt and Leaver/Mover Reason are not required, as this student is not extracted for state reporting and ALL students marked as a No Show should be marked as a Leaver or Mover once you determine their status. 
  • Set Next Yr School to the Inactives school (e.g., 999). This moves the student to the Inactives school during the rollover process at the end of the current year.

Note: The No Show Manager  allows you to mark multiple students as No Shows at once. 


Leavers or Movers

We recommend using the No Show Manager  function to Mark students as a Leaver or a mover.  However, students who were enrolled last year but do not attend this year may be marked as a leaver or a mover following these steps:

  • From the student's Demographics page at the current school, click the Operations button, and then click Mark Student as a Leaver/Mover. The Leaver/Mover window opens allowing you to enter the required information.    
    • Leaver/Mover Reason (STU.LVR) - Select the student's Leaver or Mover Reason from the drop-down list. These are fixed values.  Any new codes need to be added by Aeries.  Leavers are determined using the TEDS Code Table C162-A for LEAVER-REASON-CODE (E1001). If the reason is unknown, select Other.
    • Status (STU.TG) - Select the enrollment status to be assigned to the student. Status codes are configured by the district from the Update Code Table page.  Typically the status I for Inactive is used.
    • Inactives School - The Inactives school number is displayed.
    • Leave Date (STU.LD) - The final date of the previous school year is displayed by default. This date should be used for all leavers or movers.  
    • Click OK.
      The student is moved to the Inactives school and deleted from the current school in the current school year.
      Last years record is updated to indicate the Leaver/Mover reason (STU.LVR).
    • Login to the prior year DB and from the student's Demographics page, click the Change button:
      • Enter the Leave Date (STU.LD) = to the last day of school.  This is required to ensure leavers are reported correctly in the current year Fall PEIMS.  
      • Set the Status = Inactive
        Using the No Show Manager function Mark students as a Leaver or Mover will do these steps automatically for you.

The tables below summarize the actions taken and the resulting status for each student:

Demographics page (STU table)

SchoolYearStudent RecordSchl Leave Dt (STU.LD)Leaver Reason (STU.LVR)Enrollment Status (STU.TG)
Current Current Does not existN/AN/AN/A
Current PriorExists*Must enter Value manuallyValue entered*Must enter Value manually
Inactives CurrentExists*Value enteredValue enteredValue entered
InactivesPriorDoes not existN/AN/AN/A

Enrollment History page (ENR table)

SchoolYearStudent RecordLeave Date (ENR.LD)Exit Reason (ENR.ER)
CurrentCurrentDoes not existN/AN/A
CurrentPriorExistsValue enteredValue entered
InactivesCurrentExists*Value enteredValue entered
InactivesPriorDoes not existN/AN/A