When a student was enrolled last year but does not attend this year (whether or not the reason is known), the student is considered a leaver or mover and should be moved to an 'Inactives' campus, which is a placeholder for this type of student. The student and all of the student's records are copied into the Inactives School and then deleted from the current school.

  • Ensure that an Inactives school is set up. Typically the school ID is 999.
    • On the District Settings page under District Settings, be sure Inactives School field has a three-digit ID specified. 
    • If not click Change, enter the ID, and click Save.

The No Show Manager is designed to assist in managing leavers or movers and will display a listing of students who have absences at the start of the school year. Using the No Show Manger is recommended to complete the following:

  1. Update a student's enrollment to start on the first day of attendance for students who are absent at the beginning of the school year.
  2. Mark students who enroll in a school but do not show up to attend classes when the school year begins as a "No Show".
  3. Mark students as a Leaver or a mover.

Mark Students from the Demographics page

You may also mark students as a leaver or mover without using the No Show Manager & you are not required to move the student to the Inactive school.

Once the No Show Setup options are configured follow these steps from the Demographics page to first set the student as a No Show and then mark the student as a leaver or a mover once you determine their status.

No Show Students

Students who were pre-enrolled and have never attended a campus in the district may be marked as follows:


Navigate to Student Data >Demographics > Student Data 1 tab

  • Set Status to N-No-Show.  Make sure your No Show Setup page has the correct options set.
  • The School Leave Dt and Leaver/Mover Reason if known at this time, enter the correct leaver or mover reason once known.
  • Set Next Yr School to the Inactives school (e.g., 999). This moves the student to the Inactives school during the rollover process at the end of the current year.

Note: The No Show Manager  allows you to mark multiple students as No Shows at once. 


Leavers or Movers

We recommend using the No Show Manager  function to Mark students as a Leaver or a mover.  However, students who were enrolled last year but do not attend this year may be marked as a leaver or a mover following these steps:

  • From the student's Demographics page at the current school, click the Operations button, and then click Mark Student as a Leaver/Mover. The Leaver/Mover window opens allowing you to enter the required information.    
    • Leaver/Mover Reason (STU.LVR) - Select the student's Leaver or Mover Reason from the drop-down list. These are fixed values.  Any new codes need to be added by Aeries.  Leavers are determined using the TEDS Code Table C162-A for LEAVER-REASON-CODE (E1001). If the reason is unknown, select Other.
    • Status (STU.TG) - Select the enrollment status to be assigned to the student. Status codes are configured by the district from the Update Code Table page.  Typically the status I for Inactive is used.
    • Inactives School* - The Inactives school number is displayed.
    • Leave Date (STU.LD) - The final date of the previous school year is displayed by default. This date should be used for all leavers or movers unless they attended summer school, then use the last date of summer school.  
    • Click OK.
      The student is moved to the Inactives school and deleted from the current school in the current school year.
      Last years record is updated to indicate the Leaver/Mover reason (STU.LVR).
    • Login to the prior year DB and from the student's Demographics page, click the Change button:
      • Enter the Leave Date (STU.LD) = to the last day of school.  This is required to ensure leavers are reported correctly in the current year Fall PEIMS.  
      • Set the Status = Inactive
        Using the No Show Manager function Mark students as a Leaver or Mover will do these steps automatically for you.

The tables below summarize the actions taken and the resulting status for each student:

Demographics page (STU table)

SchoolYearStudent RecordSchl Leave Dt (STU.LD)Leaver Reason (STU.LVR)Enrollment Status (STU.TG)
Current Current Does not existN/AN/AN/A
Current PriorExists*Must enter Value manuallyValue entered*Must enter Value manually
Inactives CurrentExists*Value enteredValue enteredValue entered
InactivesPriorDoes not existN/AN/AN/A

Enrollment History page (ENR table)

SchoolYearStudent RecordLeave Date (ENR.LD)Exit Reason (ENR.ER)
CurrentCurrentDoes not existN/AN/A
CurrentPriorExistsValue enteredValue entered
InactivesCurrentExists*Value enteredValue entered
InactivesPriorDoes not existN/AN/A

To see a list of Leavers use the Leaver Manager page

A query can also be run to see a list of Leavers or Movers. For example, the following query could be run:  LIST STU SC LS? NS? SC ID NM LD LVR BY DTS DESC

Since these students are inactive make sure to check the box to Include Inactive Students