State Reporting


Aeries provides several fields for maintaining student truancy information that must be reported to the state. This information is reported with the PEIMS Summer Submission in the 42600 StudentTruancyExtension complex, per House Bill 548 Section 2

The steps below must be followed in this particular order.


Update Code Table

Navigate to Configurations > Update Code Table

Districts must add any interventions that will be associated with truancy.

  1. Select Table INV and Field CD.

  2. Click Add New Record.

  3. Add interventions associated with truancy. Only the Code and Description are needed for each intervention.

  4. Click the Save icon.

Code Translations

From the Texas State Reporting page, districts can specify which local intervention descriptions are associated with truancy prevention measures. Once an intervention is associated with a truancy prevention measure, the Truancy Complaint Filed field will be displayed when that intervention is selected for a student on the Interventions page (described below).

Navigate to Imports and Exports > Texas State Reporting > Code Translations

  1. In the Code Set field, select Truancy Prevention Measure Indicator Code (INV.CD).

  2. Click Add New Record.

  3. The Aeries - Description field (left) is populated with the codes entered for INV.CD on the Update Code Table page. Select the description to be associated with the truancy prevention measure indictor code.

  4. In the TSDS/PEIMS - Description field (right), select code 1 - Participant In Program Or Service.

  5. Click the Save icon.


Navigate to Student Data > Demographics - Student Data 2

  1. In the Truant field select Yes if the student is required to attend school (age 6 to 18 years under TEC 25.086), but did not attend without excuse for 10 or more days or parts of days within a six month period of a school year.

  2. The Date Met field is only displayed when the Truant field is Yes. Select the date on which the student met the truancy indicator for excessive unexcused absences.

Navigate to Student Data > Interventions

  1. Click Add to add an intervention record for the student.

  2. In the Code field, select an intervention that has been associated with a Truancy Prevention Measure Indicator Code (INV.CD), as defined on Texas State Reporting - Code Translations. This indicates that the LEA initiated a truancy prevention measure under TEC 25.0915 (a-4) for the student.

  3. When an applicable Code is selected, the Truancy Complaint Filed (INV.TCF) field is displayed, allowing you to indicate if an attendance officer or other school official has filed a complaint against a student’s parent or legal guardian under TEC 25.093.
    • The Truancy Complaint Filed field is not displayed unless a Code Translation exists with a code from INV.CD set to 1-Participant In Program or Service.
    • The Truancy Complaint Filed field and information are not displayed to parents.

  4. Enter other applicable intervention information and click Save.

State Reporting

Truancy information is reported in the StudentAttendanceExtension interchange with the PEIMS Summer Submission in the 42600 StudentTruancyExtension complex, per House Bill 548 Section 2.

This complex represents the data associated to students with 10 or more unexcused absences. Only report the student the first time the student reaches the threshold of 10 or more unexcused absences for a day or parts of days. Report the grade level of the student at the time that student met that threshold. All unexcused absences are included in the calculation.

The following elements are associated with this complex:

PEIMS Element
PEIMS Code Table
Aeries Page
Aeries Field
Aeries Table.Field
TRUANCY-PREVENTION-MEASURE-INDICATOR-CODE (E1658)C088 (Y/N)Texas State Reporting - Code Translations, if Code Set = Truancy Prevention Measure Indicator CodeDescription
TRUANCY-COMPLAINT-FILED-INDICATOR-CODE (E1659)C088 (Y/N)InterventionsTruancy Complaint FiledINV.TCF