Session Description

In "Standards Based Report Cards: Managing Options, Standards, and Building an SBG Report Card”, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the procedures involved in setting up Standards Based Grades (SBG) Report Cards. The session will cover the configuration of SBG options, including language options, mark types, and valid marks for SBG reporting. Also discussed will be building SBG Report Cards using templates. Join us to streamline your report card processes and align them with standards for improved communication and assessment practices. 

Session Content

In this session, participants will  

  • Utilize the Elementary Standards Based Grade Dashboard to link standards to appropriate courses in an elementary school master schedule 

  • Demonstrate the process of loading and managing standards for elementary school courses in a master schedule 

  • Identify and distinguish between Common Core, Next Generation Science, and CA ELD Standards within the Aeries system 

  • Summarize the procedures for setting up local standards in the Aeries system for standards-based report cards 

  • Discuss practical strategies for ensuring accurate and meaningful reporting of student progress using standards-based report cards 

  • Explain the effective utilization of Standard Based Report Card Templates to create customized report cards aligned with specific standards 

  • Demonstrate the skills required to confidently navigate the process of generating high-quality SBG report cards 

  • Summarize the process of generating multiple report cards without affecting the current ones 

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