Navigate to Standards Based Grades > Configurations > Standards Based Options > Terms tab

After selections on the General Options and Language Options are completed the grade reporting terms must be set up. Terms can be set up for a Traditional school in the first Term field or each Track can be set up for a Track school. 

Standards Based Options - Terms tab

Use the Add New Record link to add a new term to the Terms page. Enter the code for the term and the term start and term end dates. Elementary schools must use terms 1-3 or 1-4. Terms F, S and Y are not compatible with the standards based report cards. The dates entered in the Term Starts and Term Ends fields must be set up in the current calendar as valid school days. Use the Edit icon to modify the term start and end dates.

NOTE:  Term and Track start and end dates will display if the school is using a Master Schedule or if they have already been set up in the School Options form.  Any information entered on this form will update the Terms (TRM) table and will also display on the School Options form.