Navigate to Standards Based Grades > Configurations > Standards Based Options

The Standards Based Options page is used to select report card options, grade reporting options, mark types, valid marks and comments.

Standards Based Options - General Options tab

Select the Report Card Type for each grade level including PS and TK.  Each grade level can have a different report card type. Below are the available report card types:

  • Landscape Report Card will format the report card to print in legal landscape format and will grow or shrink to the size of your setup but is limited to only 1 page.
  • 1-Column Portrait Report Card will format the report card to print as a 1-column portrait report card. It is designed to be printed one-sided and can be multiple pages per student if there are many standards. 
  • 2-Column Portrait Report Card will format the report card to print as a 2-column portrait report card. It is designed for double-sided printing on 1 piece of paper.

Each report card type is available as a 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-mark report card:

  • Mark Report Card will format the report card to print for 1 marking period, 
  • 2 Mark Report Card will format the report card to print up to 2 marking periods
  • Mark Report Card will format the report card to print up to 3 marking periods for trimester schools
  • 4 Mark Report Card will format the report card to print up to 4 marking periods

Standards Based Options - General Options - Select report card type for each grade level in the school

The standards based grade reporting pages that are available to staff, teachers, parents and students will also be limited to the number of marks available on the Portrait report cards. For example, if the Report Card Type is a 2 Mark 2-Column Portrait Report Card, then the staff Standards Based Input page will only display marks 1 and 2, as well as the Teacher, Parent and Student views of the Standards Based Report card pages.

Attendance totals can be displayed on the report card for each marking period. The Update Attendance Totals function needs to be run to update these totals prior to printing the report cards.

  • Show Absences will print the total number of absences the student has on the report card for each marking period.
  • Show Tardies will print the total number of tardies the student has on the report card for each marking period
  • Show Days Enrolled will print the total number of days the student has been enrolled for each marking period

Only 1 of the following options can be selected:

  • Show Student Number will print the student number on the report cards
  • Show Perm ID will print the student permanent ID number on the report cards 
  • Show State ID will print the assigned State ID on the report cards
  • Don’t Show ID Number will not print ANY student numbers on the report cards

Allow non security users ability to change grade reporting options can be utilized by a security level user to give individuals such as a clerk the capabilities to change grade reporting options.

Allow grade editing for current mark only will only allow changes to the current mark. This option does not affect Teacher's access to enter or update grades, their access is limited by Portal Options. It is designed to limit non-Admin users with update permission to Standards Based Grades to only update the current marking period. 

Several options are available that affect how the marks are displayed:

  • Allow plus-minus for mark types 1 allows a plus or minus to be added to the mark
  • Allow plus-minus for mark types 2 allows a plus or minus to be added to the mark
  • Allow plus-minus for mark types 3 allows a plus or minus to be added to the mark

  • Show Description in body for mark type 1 will print the Mark Type 1 description and can be de-selected to not print
  • Show Description in body for mark type 2 will print the Mark Type 2 description and can be de-selected to not print
  • Show Description only if mark type 1 AND 2 will hide mark descriptions of mark type 1 or 2 for standards that are only using one of them, but still print if the standard is using both mark type 1 AND mark type 2. 
    • Note:  If using the Show Description only if mark type 1 AND 2 option, the mark type 1 and mark type 2 options must also be selected.

Hide Comments on Report Cards will hide the teacher comment section on all of the generated Standards Based Report Cards. NOTE: this option only affects the report cards and not the ability to add or edit comments or the view of comments in the Teacher or Parent Portals.

Expand comments to fill empty space expands the last column that does not contain standards/categories to allow additional comment space.  This option applies to the Landscape report cards.

Hide Top-Left & Top-Right sections will move the body of the report card up when the Top-Left and Top-Right sections are not populated with standards. 

NOTEThis option should NOT be enabled if you wish to have Language information printed at the top of the page. These settings are found on the Language Options tab.

Several options are available for the Explanation of Marks area:

  • Print a border around Explanation of Marks will print a border around the mark legend
  • Adjust width of Explanation of Marks will format the “Explanation of Marks” to accommodate longer mark descriptions

Hide Gridlines for empty space/blank filler this option will remove the empty horizontal lines on the report card.  The report card will display as more separated areas.

Show term dates will print the term dates in the top center of the report card.

Show next grade labels will print the student's next grade in the top right hand corner and is usually selected for the final report card of the year.  A “Promoted to grade” or "Retained in grade" label will print depending on the value in the Next Grade (STU.NG) field for the student. Queries should be run against the STU.NG field prior to printing report cards to ensure that every student's next grade is correct.

Standards Based Report Card - Promoted to next grade example

Enable Web Only Features – this option enables two additional mark types to be used: Free Text and Inline Comments. When this setting is enabled Standards Based Grade Reporting is completely disabled in the Aeries Client version for all schools. Also, when Enable Web Only Features is selected two additional options become available:

  • Use Advanced Comment Formatting – this option enables the Free Text and Inline Comment standards. It also allows the Inline Comment standards and the report card Comments to be entered using a web-based text editor that will allow richer formatting of the text. NOTE: report cards are limited to up to 10 Inline Comment Standards per report card. Also, when Advanced Comment Formatting is used the teachers will no longer have the character counter below the report card comments.
  • Shrink Comments to Fit Report Card – this option will shrink the comments that the teachers enter to fit in the space provided.

Print Address Block on 2-Column Report Card – selecting this option will trigger additional options on the Print Standard Based Report Cards page that will offer to print the 2-column portrait report cards on legal-size paper with an address block either at the top or the bottom of the report card, and with an additional option to print to contacts that have the Mail Tag (CON.MT) field populated.

Save – click on the Save button to save changes made to the options page.

Push to Other Schools – will push all the options on the General Options tab and the Language Options tab to selected schools. The list of schools is limited to active schools with their School Type set as Elementary or Elementary with Master Schedule. Click in the box to the right of the school to select or deselect it. The Check Mark icon and X icon can also be used to select or deselect all schools at once.

Standards Based Options - Push to Other Schools

NOTE: Caution the teachers to be aware of the space available in both the Inline Comments and the report card Comments. The system will not limit them upon data entry. The Advanced Comment Formatting will lessen the amount of text that will fit in the comment box and the Shrink Comments to Fit will attempt to fit all of the text into the comment box to the point of making the comment too small to read.

Two additional options are available on the options form in Aeries Client Version:

  • Do Not Repeat Explanation of Marks will not print the mark legend on the subsequent pages of the Portrait report card.
  • Use Standards Based Courses (SBR) allows elementary schools with a master schedule or secondary schools to link standards to courses.  Teachers of select courses can assess their students on those standards. This option is available on the Aeries Client Version Standards Based Grade Reporting Options form for schools set up as Elementary with Master Schedule.

NOTE: Selecting the Enable Web Only Features option will completely disable Standards Based Grade Reporting in the Client Version. Standards Based Grade Reporting will be limited to Aeries Web Version only. We highly recommend that all schools in the district use the same Enable Web Only Features options for consistency.