Supplemental Attendance enables schools to track positive attendance programs in a negative attendance school. Below are some of the benefits to using Supplemental Attendance in Aeries®.

  • Sessions can be created in any type of Aeries® school – High School, Elementary, Middle Schools and Continuation schools with positive attendance.

  • The session calendars are not tied to the school calendars. Saturday school and every day tutoring sessions can be created.

  • Attendance can be submitted in the Teacher Portal.

  • Attendance can be scanned in using bar code scanners in Aeries or the Teacher Portal

  • Grade reporting is available for sessions. Teachers can give grades to students in their sessions. The grades will print on the secondary report cards.

  • Students can be in enrolled multiple sessions at one time.

  • Student’s classroom attendance is completely separate from the Supplemental Attendance session attendance.

  • In some situations, it may be appropriate for Supplemental Attendance to link to regular period attendance (i.e., the ATT table). In other words, checking in to a Supplemental Attendance session will count the student as present in a certain period. Inversely, if the student is not checked in to a Supplemental Attendance session, then the student will be marked absent in that period.

____  Define Security permissions for Supplemental Attendance for users, teachers and students.

____  Define Supplemental Attendance Codes for the various Supplemental Attendance dropdowns.

____  Create Supplemental Attendance Programs.  Examples: Tutoring, Detentions, ASES. 

The Programs record includes basic information that will be applied to all sessions that use this program. Some examples are defining a maximum number of students per program, to Allow Walk-Ins, allow Student Self-Sign-In and defining how much modification teachers can make to the Supplemental Attendance Data records.

____  Create Supplemental Attendance Sessions in each school that will be running Supplemental Attendance. Examples: Before School Tutoring, After School Detention. 

The Sessions record includes various options appropriate for that session. Some examples are date and time ranges when the session is available, grade range of students that can be in the session, linking the session to a Master Schedule Section or to a Teacher, and linking the session to an Attendance period.

Each session also needs to have a Calendar created, Staff linked to the Session and students added to any non-walk-in sessions or non-linked sessions. 

 ____  Add Calendars

____  Link Staff to sessions

____  Add Students to sessions

____  Select Grade Reporting options for the Supplemental Attendance Session if the session will be used to create Grade (GRD) records (secondary schools only)

____  Additional setup is required to configure the Supplemental Attendance to Attendance process.

____ Populate the Linked Attendance Period field on the Supplemental Attendance Sessions page

____ Flag the Supp Att field on a Master Schedule section when attendance for that section's period should be populated from Supplemental Attendance data instead of the regular Teacher Attendance page.

____ Verify that the Linked Attendance Period is defined in the Bell Schedule on the School Options page or on the Bell Schedule page

____ Configure the Supplemental Attendance Configuration page

____ Additional setup is required to configure the Student Self Sign-In

____ Print Supplemental Attendance Room Student-Self-Sign-In Sheet if allowing students to self sign-in to a session.

____  Update Attendance Portal Options for any schools where teachers will be able to Back Post or Forward Post Supplemental Attendance. An example of this would be allowing teachers to back-post internship hours for work-study programs.