The Supplemental Attendance Sessions (ATS) are School-owned and include more in-depth information including room assignment and session start and end times. There are 3 tabs on the Sessions page for the Calendar (ATC), Staff (ATR) and Students (ATA). This page also has a Print Supplemental Attendance Room Student Self Sign In Sheet that can be printed to allow for students to sign themselves into sessions. 

To add a new session, click the Add button. The session will automatically be assigned a number. Enter the session information and click the Insert button.

  • Session Name:  Enter a specific Session Name. This is a required field.
  • Program ID:  Choose a Program ID from the dropdown of Programs. This is a required field.
  • Room: This field must be populated when allowing students to Self Sign in.
  • Grade Range:  Low and High grade for this session
  • Tag:  Warns and prevents data from being entered or changed if the session is tagged as Inactive. Any value can be entered.
  • Class ID:  Can be used to group multiple sessions together. Reports can be grouped by Class ID.
  • Linked MST Section or Linked Teacher:  Section number from the Master Schedule in a Secondary school or Teacher # in an Elementary school. Can add all students from the section into the session. For an Elementary school, can add all students from a teacher’s class into a session.
  • Linked ATT Period:  Attendance Period (0-9). This field needs to be populated when incorporating the automated Supplemental Attendance to Attendance Process. If a session is linked to an attendance period, checking in to the Supplemental Attendance session will clear a student's unverified period absence in regular attendance (ATT). This field only displays for schools doing period attendance. Flex schools will display the Flex period short titles.
  • Create in Grade Rptg:  This option will allow the session to be included in the Initialize New Grade Reporting Cycle process. Check the box to use this feature.
  • Grd Rptg Course: This field will display a drop-down from the Courses table. Select or type the appropriate Course ID.
  • Grd Rptg Teacher:  This field will display a drop-down from the Teachers table. Select or type the appropriate Teacher Number.
  • Start Date/ End Date:  Optional fields that ensure attendance is not entered outside of the date range. Session date range will default to the Program date range but can be changed.
  • Start Time and End Time:  Minutes will be calculated based on the Start and End times. Start Time and End Time are required fields.

Note: If the session is a required hourly program, create multiple sessions for 60 minutes or less. Example: for a session that is 2 ½ hours, create 2 sessions of 60 minutes and another with 30 minutes. Use the Class ID field to link the sessions together.

  • Max Maximum number of seats for this session
  • User Fields - Dropdown codes can be setup from the Update Code Table form  
  • Notes - additional information can be entered in the Notes field.