Supplemental Attendance enables schools to track positive attendance programs in a negative attendance school. Below are some of the benefits to using Supplemental Attendance in Aeries®.

  • Sessions can be created in any type of Aeries® school – High School, Elementary, Middle Schools and Continuation schools with positive attendance.

  • The session calendars are not tied to the school calendars. Saturday school and every day tutoring sessions can be created.

  • Attendance can be submitted in the Teacher Portal.

  • Attendance can be scanned in using bar code scanners in Aeries or the Teacher Portal

  • Grade reporting is available for sessions. Teachers can give grades to students in their sessions. The grades will print on the secondary report cards.

  • Students can be in enrolled multiple sessions at one time.

  • Student’s classroom attendance is completely separate from the Supplemental Attendance session attendance.

The Supplemental Attendance Programs page is used to create Supplemental Attendance Programs, examples are Tutorial, Detentions and Credit Recovery. These programs are district defined. The Supplemental Attendance Sessions page is used to create the sessions for the various programs and can have separate calendars than the school calendar including weekend dates.

The Supplemental Attendance forms and reports can be accessed from  Supplemental Attendance on the menu.  

Teachers with appropriate permissions to Supplemental Attendance Data (ATD) will see the following Supplemental Attendance areas in the menu.