Session Description

A review of the grade reporting cycle for Standards Based Grade Reporting, including assigning students a Report Card Type and entering grades. This session will also review printing of report cards and generating Report Card History and Standards Based Grade History. This session will NOT cover setting up report cards. See Session 401, Standards Based Report Cards, for setup details.

Session Content

  • Using the Grade Reporting Dashboard to guide the steps of Grade Reporting throughout the school year
  • Assigning alternate or Add-On report card types to students

  • Initializing SBG Grade Reporting Periods
  • Creating SBG records for one student
  • Methods for inputting SBG Marks for students using Aeries Web and the Teacher Portal
  • Updating Attendance totals
  • Printing report cards and other reports related to Standards Based Grade Reporting
  • Generating Standards Based Report Card History
  • Linking Standards to appropriate Courses for Elementary with Master Schedule Schools

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