Session Description

“Query Tools” provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively utilize query tools for generating reports, letters, labels, and envelopes. Participants will also learn how to utilize the Query Letter Editor to create personalized letters by merging data from a query statement. This course is ideal for individuals who work with data management and reporting in educational districts and seek to enhance their skills in utilizing query tools effectively.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Comprehend and access the Query feature in the Aeries system to generate reports, letters, labels, and envelopes 

  • Discover how to navigate and understand the tables and fields relevant to query tools 

  • Utilize query tools to create Excel spreadsheets with relevant data from the Aeries system 

  • Customize and generate reports, labels, and envelopes by utilizing the query results effectively 

  • Create personalized letters by merging data from a query statement and incorporating merged fields into the content 

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