There is new Table/Field Info icon next to the Help icon in the corner of each page.

This new icon will present an overlay of the table designations for the page. It can be toggled on and off

In Edit mode, the buttons are disabled until you toggle the Tables/Fields overlay off. 

 At this time, this new icon is available on the Student Demographics, Attendance Enrollment, Language Assessment Contacts and several other screens.  We will be adding more screens all the time, so just keep a lookout for the new icon

The original stacked icon is still in use on most pages, and still functions properly.  As the pages are updated to the new process, the icon will be switched to the new one to alert users. 


The original icon will link to an appropriate Knowledge Base article showing the tables and fields that are used on that page (where available). The Table/Field Info links are currently active in about 60 pages. Clicking on the icon will open up a new browser window to the  Aeries Tables and Fields article specific to that screen.