Save Query Statements

Once a query statement has been created and generated it can be saved and accessed for later use.  It is suggested that only queries generated frequently and complicated queries be saved.  Enter the LIST query and click on the RUN button.  Close the query. 

To save the query, click on the SAVE button. The following text box will display. Type a descriptive name for the query in the text box.  Click the Save button to save the query.  Remember - When a Report query is saved the query name will default to print on the heading of the report but can be changed.

Load a Query Statement

To reload a saved query statement, click the LOAD button on the QUERY form. The following screen will display. Saved queries can be displayed by the query name or author, and can be limited by query name, or author.

To select the Query and run it, click on the query record.

The query statement will display on the Query form. Click on the RUN button.