To enter a discipline record from the Assertive Discipline form, select the specific student and click the mouse on the Add New Discipline Record button.

The Safe Schools Act or SSA Date field will display in the upper left corner.  This field should be filled with the date of a student’s most recent infraction of the Safe Schools Act.  This date will be auto populated when selecting a code that is tagged in the Update Suspendable Offense Codes (SOC) in the Update SSA Date field

According to California Ed Code 49079, a student’s teachers must be notified for a period of three years from the last infraction that the student violated the SSA.  If the SSA Date field contains a date an asterisk (*) will be printed next to the student’s name on teacher rosters. Both Discipline forms have a Red Flag button that will display in red on the Student Data form.  Schools should discuss and agree upon protocols for use of the Red Flag buttons.

To add a discipline record, click the mouse on the Add New Discipline Record button.  Complete the General tab. Select a Violation from the dropdown and the other information if applicable.  The number of Violations available for data entry is set on the District Settings form. The default number of violations is 5. Click the mouse on the Save button when complete.

Note:  The School Code (ADS.SCL) in the discipline record must match a student's School Code (STU.SC) for CALPADS reporting.

Assertive Discipline form california

Assertive discipline form texas

Note: The Referrer field shows a list of Staff to choose from and populates the STF.SRF field with the Staff ID. However, this field also allows for free-text entry. If a name is entered that is not on the dropdown list, when the record is saved it will populate the STF.RF field. If the Referrer is later changed to a Staff selection from the list, the name in STF.RF will be deleted and the STF.SRF field will be populated with the Staff ID.

When adding a new Discipline record, an Incident ID will automatically be added to the discipline record when it is saved. Alternatively, if several students are involved in the same incident, an existing Incident ID can be copied to a new Discipline record. To choose from an existing Incident ID, click on the magnifying glass iconto view the Incidents popup window.

The Incidents popup will default to display the date from the Assertive Discipline record, which defaults to the current date for a record that is being created. Click on the Incident ID that should be copied to the current student's record. As the mouse hovers over the incidents, a green shading will highlight the Incident ID that will be copied.

Once an Incident ID is clicked, the popup will close and the Incident ID will be copied to the Assertive Discipline record. More details on the Incident popup are provided in the Copying Incident IDs documentation.

If a Suspendable code is selected, the following message will display after Save to prompt the user to continue with the process.

If Violation codes have been entered and are not in the correct Severity Level based on the Update Suspendable Offense  Codes (SOC) records, the following message will display.

The Re-Order Codes option will sort the codes based on the Severity Level.  The Leave Them As-Is option will not change the order and leave them as they were entered.


To enter Administrative Decisions (Dispositions), click the mouse on the Add New Administrative Action link on the bottom of the form.

The following page will display.  Select a disposition from the dropdown.  Use the tab key to move through the fields.  After entering a number in the Days field, populating the Start Date will cause the End Date and Return Date to auto populate. Additionally, if the Days field can also be left at 0, and the Days field will be automatically calculated when the dates are populated. Click the mouse on the Save button when the page is completed

Multiple dispositions can be added to the Assertive Discipline record with unique information, including Start and End Dates, Action Authority, etc.  Click the mouse on the Add New Administrative Action link again to enter multiple dispositions.  Click on the disposition to display the information for the individual DSP record.

If the District Settings Rule Request Assigned and Served Days in Assertive Discipline - Administrative Decisions (Dispositions) is enabled, the Administrative Decisions (Dispositions) area will have additional Assigned and Served date fields available to populate.

Below the Administrative Decisions section a Totals for the Current Year will display. This information will include the Action, a Count for each Action, Total Days and Total Hours.  

In addition, if the Show Demerits on the Assertive Discipline page option in School Info | District Settings is selected, a count of the student's Demerits will also display. 

The Additional Info and Expulsion tabs allow you to enter more details about the incident.

Four more tabs are provided:  Victims, Witnesses, Other Violators and Behavioral Emergency Actions


Printing a Suspension Letter

Click on the Letter button to print a letter.  The following message will display.

Click on the Yes button to display the Suspension/Expulsion letters.  Click on the No button to display the Discipline letters.  Below is the Suspension Letter page. 

Selecting the Footer button from the Suspension Letter form will display the Footer Text Change Form and the footer can be updated as well as the Signature Line Text.

NOTE: There are legal ramifications to the content and wording on the suspension and discipline letters, including the “Footer.”  School personnel should consider consulting with district legal counsel on the appropriate content and wording of all letters related to student discipline.

Suspension Letter to Parent

When the Print button is selected the following options will display to format your letter. 

Click the mouse on the OK button and the Suspension Letter will be generated.

NOTE: This letter may be modified to provide Suspension Pending Expulsion or recommendations to Involuntary Transfer Committee

Student Assertive Discipline Record

The Print button on the Assertive Discipline form will display the following selection form with a large number of options available.  All Violations and Suspension codes will display but specific codes can be selected by clicking on the code to change them to selected (checked) or not selected (unchecked). 

The bottom right corner will display the following formatting options:

  • Hide Details-If chosen, there is an added option of Page Break on Each Student
  • Hide Demerits – will not print the number of Demerits for the discipline records and will not print a Total Demerits
  • Include Inactive Students - grayed out when report is run from the student's Assertive Discipline page
  • Show Most Recent Offenses First – will display the discipline records in descending date order
  • Show Blank School as District – if the School of Incident is blank the District name will be printed
  • Print Comments – will print comments if they exist in the discipline record
  • Print Additional Info – will print information from the Additional Info tab if they exist in the discipline record. This option is hidden if Hide Details is selected.
  • Print Expulsion Info – will print information from the Expulsion Info tab if they exist in the discipline record. This option is hidden if Hide Details is selected.
  • Limit by Dates – will allow you to select a specific date range for discipline records
  • Include Students with no ADS – will print all students regardless if they have an Assertive Discipline Record
  • Gray Section Headings – will allow you to change the color of the field name headings. This option is hidden if Hide Details is selected.
  • Print Student Legal Name – will print student legal name if populated

The following is an example of the printout for the student selected. 

Special Education Students

A message will display on the Assertive Discipline page if a student is Special Ed.  The message is based on the following:

  • If the Primary Disability (CSE.DI) field is populated for the student
  • If the student is a current Special Ed student based on the Entry Date (CSE.ED)

A new field has been added to the Assertive Discipline page on the General tab. This field will only be visible if the user has READ permission to CSE/Special Ed and the student is a current Special Ed student or has an IEP. The fields will be hidden if the user does not have READ to CSE or the student is not Special Ed. The Student is Special Ed (CSE.SSE) field has been removed from the form. This field was informational only and is no longer needed.

In Aeries, if the user does not have READ to Special Ed (CSE) or Read to 504 (FOF) a warning will display stating that the Special Ed or IEP Status is unknown when adding a new ADS record. This warning will only be visible when trying to add a record. In read mode, no messages will display.

Note :  It is important that the user entering or updating Assertive Discipline records also have READ permission to Special Ed (CSE) and 504 (FOF) and Special Programs (PGM) so the red alert messages display information accurately.