Student Assertive Discipline Report

The Student Assertive Discipline Record located in View all Reports will produce a listing of ALL student discipline records.  When selecting this report various options can be selected to filter out students and limit the records printed. The following is an example of the Student Assertive Discipline Record.

Discipline Report

For school wide reports, the Discipline Report located in View all Reports will produce a listing of all students with “X” or more demerits.  This report can be used in conjunction with query statements to develop ongoing monitoring for certain students. Query Report tags can be used to further analyze the data. 

Discipline Distribution Report 

For school wide reports, the Discipline Distribution Report can be located in View all Reports. This report can be used to monitor the actual number of different disciplinary codes recorded.  This report can be generated to compute a total of the codes by a selected field, if desired.  The following is an example of the Discipline Distribution Report broken out by Total, Grade, Gender and then Ethnicity.