The Suspension Attendance Listing by Student report cross references suspension discipline data with attendance data. When students have suspensions in their discipline record, the report will display the attendance data for the suspension dates. Several options are available to customize the information provided by the report.

Filter Reports by "suspension" or navigate to Reports > Student Data > Suspension Attendance Listing by Student

Select the table used to record pertinent discipline data. In most cases, the ADS (Assertive Discipline) is used to record more serious offenses, including suspendable offenses. The DIS (Discipline) table is used for more minor offenses.

Choose the table and field to use to define the suspensions to display on the report.

Suspensions can be defined by the following options:

  • Select ADS.CD - the Assertive Discipline offense code. Select ADS.CD to choose specific offense codes to print on the report. In a student's Assertive Discipline record, the offense code is chosen from the Violations dropdown for each incident:

  • Select DSP.DS - the Disposition code. Select DSP.DS to print all students who have suspension codes as dispositions. In a student's Assertive Discipline record, a disposition is recorded as the Administrative Action for an offense. 

  • Select DSP.ST - the Disposition suspension tag. Select DSP.ST to display any students whose offense dispositions are tagged with a DSP.ST on the Administrative Action popup:

  • Use SOC table - if the Suspendable Offenses (SOC) table is selected, any student with a suspendable offense in their discipline records will be displayed. The suspendable offenses are defined in the SOC table and on the Update Suspendable Offense Codes page. 

As a table and/or field is selected, the potential code values are displayed below, under Select Discipline Codes to Count as Suspensions. In the following example, ADS.CD has been selected, so the codes populated in ADS.CD are displayed. Click to select any code that should be considered to be a suspension, and only students whose discipline records including those offense codes will be displayed on the report. 

The codes provided include every value found in the selected field in your database. To limit the codes to only display those defined for that table and field in the COD table, check the "Limit selection to values defined in your COD table" checkbox.

Select the Bypass students with valid Suspension codes (ABS.SU) checkbox to skip students if their attendance data and their suspension data are in alignment. 

For example, if a student has a five day suspension in ADS, starting on 3/4/2019, and their attendance record includes Absence Codes that are tagged as suspensions on all five of the applicable dates, then that student's attendance and suspension data are in alignment. The student's Assertive Discipline record for the suspension is displayed below:

An example of an Absence Code tagged as suspension on the Update Absence Codes page:

The student's Attendance record for the dates of the suspension:

If the Bypass Students with Valid Suspension Codes checkbox is left unchecked, the student will be printed on the report for those dates. If Bypass Students with Valid Suspension Codes is checked, he will not be printed on the report for those dates. 

If the Include Inactive Students checkbox is checked, inactive students will be included in the report. 

If the Hide Discipline Comments checkbox is checked, discipline comments will not be printed.

 In the example below, the discipline comments on the report are highlighted.

The Limit to Current School checkbox is checked by default. Unless un-checked, the report will only print students in the current school.

Select the date range for the report. The entire school year is provided as the default values.

Click Run Report to print the report. 

The report provides the suspension data and the attendance data from the suspension dates: