The Victims and Witnesses forms will allow you to store and track information for a student who was a victim or witness to a crime.  The information added to this form can be utilized by the Civil Rights report to track the victims of harassment. These forms can be displayed by selecting Victims or Witnesses under the Student Data/Guidance navigation tree. Users must have Read access to the Victims or Witnesses screens to view these records.  Below is an example of the Victims form.

The Victims and Witnesses screens also contains an Incident ID field.  The Incident ID field on either screen can be linked to Assertive Discipline records by populating the field with the same Incident ID number.  This will enable schools to track multiple students involved in one discipline incident. The Lookup button next to the Incident ID field can be used to list discipline, victim and witness records that occurred on a day, during a range of days, or for a specified Incident ID. This Incident ID can then be entered as the Incident ID for the victim or witness record.