The Behavioral Emergency page is used to record incidents where some type of restraint or restriction is necessary.  If an incident occurs in conjunction with a Discipline (ADS) incident, the Behavioral Emergency record can be tied to the Discipline Incident.

Click on 'Add New Record' to open the form

Enter the Date and select the appropriate Code (Update Code Table > BER.CD).  The School will populate based on current school

Select the appropriate code from the Staff Type dropdown. These values are hard coded. Additional codes cannot be added via the COD table.

If this record is tied to a Discipline Incident (ADS) click on the Search icon under Incident Lookup to find the incident

Click the 'Save' icon when finished.

Behavioral Emergencies can also be added on the Assertive Discipline page when they are related to a Discipline incident.  

The Behavioral Emergency tab has been added to the page.  Records can be added and edited by users with permissions to BER. 

When a new record is added from the tab, it will automatically pull the Incident ID of the current incident and display the current school.

The Incident ID will display on the Behavioral Emergency page and the Discipline Incidents page.