The Behavioral Emergency page is used to record incidents where some type of restraint or restriction is necessary. If an incident occurs in conjunction with a Discipline (ADS) incident, the Behavioral Emergency record can be tied to the Discipline Incident.

NOTE:  It is crucial that all Behavioral Emergency incidents are recorded at the school where the incident happened, NOT at the district level. Otherwise, they will not extract properly for state and federal reporting purposes.

Click on Add New Record to open the form.

Enter the Date and select the appropriate Behavioral Emergency Code. Behavioral Emergency codes are stored in the Code (COD) table. Codes can be added or updated using the Update Code Table page and filtering for the BER table and the CD fieldPlease refer to the  Update Code Table article for more information on how to add additional codes. 

NOTE: The Behavioral Emergency codes of MR, PR and SE are currently used in Civil Rights Data Collection Reporting. Any additional codes in this field will need to be mapped for proper CRDC reporting.

Select the appropriate Restraint Reason. The Restraint Reason codes are hard-coded into the system and follow the Texas State defined C173 codeset. Additional codes can be added to the dropdown through the Update Code Table page and filtering for the BER table and RS field.  These additional codes will not be extracted in the Texas State Reports, however, unless they are mapped to the Texas-defined codes in the Texas State Reporting - Code Translations tab. 

The School will populate based on current school.

Select the appropriate code from the Staff Type dropdown. These values are hard coded. Additional codes cannot be added via the Code (COD) table.  

NOTE:  All restraints/seclusions are included as part of CRDC Data Collection for the Office of Civil Rights as part of the CRDC Data Collection. However, incidents with the Staff Type of 02-District police officer, school resource officer (SRO) or other Peace Officer NOT performing an arrest are NOT included in CALPADS reporting, as per Ed.Code 49005.1.

For Texas State Reporting, only the following combination of records will be extracted:

  • the student is a Special Education student, the Staff Type is 01 - School district/Charter School employee or volunteer, and the Reason is one of the 01 through 07 reasons
  • any student where the Staff Type is 02 - School district police officer or school resource officer (SRO), and the Reason is 08.

If this record is NOT part of a Discipline incident, saving the record will create a unique Incident ID. If this record is tied to a Discipline Incident (ADS) click on the Search icon under Incident Lookup to find the incident.

Click the Save icon when finished.

Assertive Discipline - Behavioral Emergency Actions Tab

Behavioral Emergencies can also be added on the Assertive Discipline page when they are related to a discipline incident. There is a Behavioral Emergency Actions tab on the Assertive Discipline page.  Records can be added and edited by users with permission to BER. 

When a new record is added from the tab, it will automatically pull the Incident ID of the current incident and display the current school. Please note the date MUST match the date of the original incident.

Select the proper Staff Type code and save the record. 

Select the proper Reason and Staff Type and save the record.

The Incident ID will display on the Behavioral Emergencies page.


It will also display on the Discipline Incidents page.

It will also display on the Discipline Incidents page.