Setup Suspendable Offense Codes  

Discipline and Suspension Letters  



Assertive Discipline codes can be set up prior to using through the Update Code Table

Navigate to School Info > Configurations > Update Code Table. Select the ADS table for the Assertive Discipline form or the DIS table for the Discipline form. A sort code can be entered that will change the order of the codes in the drop-down, and the codes can be translated into up to six languages.

Select the Field CD and enter all student infractions listed in the Ed Code, the school/district handbook(s), Board Policy, etc. The drop-down listings on the Assertive Discipline and Discipline forms will display the information entered in the Code Table.

NOTE:  Code Setup for student infractions should be entered in two informational tables: the Code Table and Suspendable Offense Code Table.

All Disposition (DS) codes will be set up in the DSP table and should contain all penalties or consequences. The disposition codes can also be sorted and can be translated into up to six languages.

Disposition Suspension codes (DSP.DS) need to start with letters of "SUS" for the Suspension letters to print the total # of days. There can be additional characters after "SUS, but they must start with those characters for the system to recognize what they represent 

Setup Suspendable Offense Codes  

Navigate to School Info > Configurations  > Update Suspendable Offense Codes. Enter all suspendable infractions, citing Ed Code sections, Board Policy, etc.  Indicate whether each infraction is reported on the Crime Report, could lead to possible expulsion, etc. The Suspendable Offense Codes can be translated into up to six languages. Select the Correspondence Language button at the top of the screen to view the translations.

The Update SSA Date field will auto populate the students Safe Schools Act or SSA Date field if a code is selected that is tagged with a value like Y. 

If a student SSA Date should not be automatically updated by a suspendable offense code, the Update SSA Date field should remain blank.

Discipline and Suspension Letters  

Navigate to School Info > Letter Texts > Discipline Letter Text Editor or the Suspension Letter Text Editor.  All letters created will display under Letter ID.  Select to Add or Change the Discipline Letter or the Suspension Letter to parents. When completed select Save. These letters will then be available to print when students violate school rules.


The following is an example of a Discipline Letter Text Editor.

The following is an example of a Suspension Letter Text Editor

Letters can be created for a non-English language using the Correspondence Language field. Click on Add to create a new letter. The letter name must match the name of the original English letter. For example, if creating a Spanish letter for ID Suspension1, the title would be Suspension1 Span for the Spanish letter. Populate the Correspondence Language field with the language of choice, for example 01 for Spanish. The pre-filled header is automatically translated to the language chosen. The body of the letter, including the footer, will need to be translated in this form by the District prior to printing. When selecting this letter to print to the parent/guardian, if the student has the same code in the STU.CL field, this letter will be printed in the correspondence language. 

The Footer button will open the Misc Suspension Text Change Form.  This form is used to store the text that is auto inserted into the center of the letter where it reads (Violations appear in the center of this letter) shown above.  The ID's labeled Susp Text 1, Susp Text 2 and Susp Text 3 have default paragraphs which can be edited. Footer text can also be translated into a non-English language and should have the same naming convention as shown below.

Fields that can be auto inserted into the footer of your Suspension Letter include the following: 

[FN] - This will display the student's First Name *

[LN] - This will display the student's Last Name *

[PG] - This will display the Parent/Guardian name

[First Date] - This will display the first date the student was suspended according to the Administrative Action

[Date Return] - This will display the date the student will return to school according to the Administrative Action

[Days] - This will display the number of days the student is being suspended according to the Administrative Action

[Total Days] -  This will display the total number of days the student is being suspended according to the Administrative Action code (Out of School Suspension).

[PRIMARYTEACHERNAME] - The student's primary teacher name (only available in flex schools where primary class tracking is enabled)

[PRIMARYTEACHERID] - The student's primary teacher's ID number (only available in flex schools where primary class tracking is enabled) 

The field data in brackets must be typed exactly as shown above including the brackets.

*Only those with asterisks above can be incorporated into the body of the letter.

When printing the Suspension letter, the following options are available:

* When printing a School Copy of the Suspension Letter, the text will always print in English.

NOTE:  If using multiple Suspension Letters, the default letter needs to remain with the Letter ID of "Suspension1".  When creating a letter with a correspondence language other than English, the letter ID name in the English letter must be included in the non-English letter. For example, a suspension letter may be named Suspension AP and the Spanish letter would be named Suspension AP Span.