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Navigate to Student Data > Medical > Immunizations

The Immunizations page allows users to maintain student immunization data, including doses, exemptions, and comments.  Aeries includes built-in immunization requirements which validate each student's immunizations against specific rules. By default these rules are set according to state requirements, but they can be customized as needed. 

Several fields facilitate tracking whether a student has met the requirements or requires a follow-up. 

Additionally, the Student Information Bar displays other student information and allows users to manage red flag alerts. See Red Flags in Aeries.




  • On Update Code Table, set up codes for the following: 
    • Polio Exemption (IMM.PE) - this code table is used for all Exemption Codes.
    • Additional immunizations (IMM.O1T)
    • Staff Initials  (IMM.SIP, IMM.SIK, IMM.SI7)
    • Requirements Met (IMM.RMP, IMM.RMK, IMM.RM7)

      The following initial code set is provided by Aeries but can be customized if needed.

      • X - Has All Required Vaccine Doses (N1 = 1.00). 
      • I - Individualized Education Program (N1 = 2.00)
      • D - Independent Study Program (N1 = 3.00)
      • H - Home-based Private School (N1 = 4.00)
      • P - Personal Beliefs Exemption (pre-2016) (N1 = 5.00)
    • Requires Followup (IMM.RFP, IMM.RFK, IMM.RF7)

      The following initial code set is provided by Aeries but can be customized if needed.

      • TE - Temporary Medical Exemption (N1 = 1.00)
      • MC - Missing Doses Not Currently Due - Conditional (N1 = 2.00)
      • MD - Missing Doses Are Overdue - Needs Doses Now (N1 = 3.00)
    • Records Presented (IMM.RTP)

      Certain codes are hard coded into Aeries. Custom codes can be added, and hard-coded codes can be renamed or hidden as needed.

  • Texas districts should set up their exemption codes as outlined in the Texas - Annual Immunization Status Report Documentation.

For California users, the same code set is used for all exemption dropdowns. Multiple codes may be set up. Any code with an amount (COD.N1) of 1.00 designates that code as a permanent medical exemption and is currently used on the California Blue Card. An amount value of 2.00 means the code is a personal beliefs exemption. These distinctions may be referenced by Aeries when needed.


NOTE: If a student is unable to attend school due to a missing immunization, it is recommended that the absence be recorded using the Absence Code for Temporarily Not Enrolled in conjunction with a secondary enrollment code.

  1. The All Requirements Met message is displayed at the top of the page when that status applies to the student. The status is based on vaccination configuration for the student's age or grade. See How to Configure or Adjust Vaccination Requirements.

    If the student has not met all requirements, the message is not displayed. Instead, red boxes highlight the immunizations needing attention, such as missing doses, expired exemption, or incorrect dates (e.g., a date that is before the student was old enough to have the immunizations). 

Standard Information Tab

  1. Click Change to add an immunization date. Change buttons are located at the top and bottom of the page; either can be used.

  2. The page opens in edit mode. Enter dates and other necessary information.
    Note the following:
    • Varicella (chickenpox)
      • The Contracted field is displayed. Type X if the student has contracted the disease. This field is for reference only and does not affect vaccination requirements.
      • For California users, students can no longer be exempt from the vaccination if they have contracted the disease, unless the student also has a permanent medical exemption, which would be noted as an exemption.
    • COVID-19
    • Tdap - 7th Grade  - This row works in conjunction with the Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis row. In some cases, a student may already have met the Tdap - 7th Grade requirement if they have received the correct dose by a certain age. For this reason, it is displayed as a separate row. Districts can re-enter the dose date on the Tdap - 7th Grade row, or that row can be left blank if the DTP Vaccine Type field is populated.0

  3. Under Exemptions, enter the following for students who are exempt for a particular immunization:
    • Code - Select the applicable exemption code.
    • Effective Date - Select the date on which the exemption went into effect.
    • Expiration Date - Select date on which the exemption expires.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: Previously, only the Date field was provided for exemptions, and some districts used that Date field to record the expiration date. As of the July 2023 Aeries update, that Date field was renamed to Effective Date. Any schools that used the Date field to record exemption expiration dates must move those dates into the new Expiration Date fields using a CHANGE or SQL query. See Immunization Exemptions - Move Effective Date to Expiration Date.

  4. Below immunization dates, you can record dates for other items including tuberculosis (TB) skin test and chest X-ray.

  5. In the Beneficiary ID Card # and Disaster Information fields, record any information needed. These fields are for reference purposes only and not included in any reports.

  6. Under Status of Requirements record the student's overall immunization status. This information should be accurate and up to date, because certain fields are used for state reporting.

    NOTE: If a student has at least one medical exemption, only the Staff Initials and Date Requirements Met should be populated. No boxes should be checked.

    • Staff Initials - Select the initials for the attending staff member. These can be set up on Update Code Table (IMM.SIP, IMM.SIK, IMM.SI7).

    • Requirements Met - Select the code indicating the student's status toward meeting requirements at a particular checkpoint. These codes are set up on Update Code Table (IMM.RMP, IMM.RMK, IMM.RM7).

      Select code X if the student has met the requirements by having all required immunizations, even if some are due to a medical exemption. Otherwise, select one of the other reasons to indicate they have met the requirements.

      NOTE: For California districts, the Amount value (N1) code table is used to denote the meaning of the code for purposes of populating the checkboxes on the CDPH-286 Blue Card report.

    • Date Requirements Met - When the Requirements Met field is set to indicate that requirements are met for this checkpoint, the field is automatically populated with today's date. Update if needed. (IMM.RDP, IMM.RDK, IMM.RD7)

    • Requires Follow-up- If the student does not meet the requirements at this time, select the reason. These codes are set up on Update Code Table (IMM.RFP, IMM.RFK, IMM.RF7).

      NOTE: For California districts, the Amount (N1) value from Update Code Table indicates the meaning of the code for the purpose of populating the check boxes on the CDPH-286 Blue Card report.

    • Follow-up Date - Enter the date the follow-up is required (IMM.FDP, IMM.FDK, IMM.FD7) if applicable.

    • Records Presented - Indicate any records presented by the student. These codes are set up on Update Code Table (IMM.RPT). This same code set is used for all three fields (IMM.RTP, IMM.RTK, IMM.RT7). 

    • Comment - Ener any comments related to Records Presented (IMM.RPP, IMM.RPK, IMM.RP7).

7. Click Update to save changes.

NOTE: Beginning with 2019-2020 school year database, the old status of requirements and records presented fields are no longer displayed. The old fields were deprecated as of 2019-2020 but will still display in old databases. It is highly recommended that the data be converted form the old fields to the new fields. See Immunization Records Presented Fields Conversion for 2019-2020. This data is not currently available from a report, but can be accessed using queries. For query examples, see Medical/Health/Well-Being Queries

Other Immunizations Tab

Additional dates for additional vaccinations not specified on the first tab, such as flu or HPV, can be recorded on the Other Immunizations tab. Codes for other immunizations (IMM.O1T) are shared for all other immunizations entered. See Other Immunizations documentation.

Other Immunizations tab

Immunization Boosters Tab

Immunizations boosters, including COVID-19 boosters, should be recorded on the Immunizations Boosters tab and will be displayed on the main Immunizations page in View Mode. See the Immunizations Boosters (COVID) documentation for more information. 

Immunizations Boosters tab

Immunization Record

For Texas users, click Print at the bottom of the page.

The report displays information as it appears on the page.

For California users, there are two options at the bottom of the page for printing the student's immunization record:

  • Print Plain Paper - Prints the report on white (plain) paper.
  • Print Blue Card - Allows printing the CDPH-286 Blue Card form, which can be printed on any color or type of paper. An option to Print Instructions on the Back Side of Blue Card is also provided.

Plain paper report: 

Blue Card Report:

NOTE: The Permanent Medical Exemption box is selected if the exemption code selected has a value of 1.00 on Update Code Table (IMM.PE), regardless of any expiration date entered. If the permanent medical exemption is no longer valid, remove the exemption code for that immunization.

Student Immunization Cards Report

Navigate to Reports > Student Data > Student Immunization Cards

This report allows printing the immunization record report (same as the report available from the Immunizations page) for multiple students at once, including the Blue Card report for California users.

This report is not available at the district level.

If printing with a student's legal name, the user will need READ permission to the LSI table.

Immunization Status Report

Navigate to Reports > Student Data > Student Immunization Status

This report lists students who have missing immunizations and/or expired exemptions, or who have met all immunization requirements, including student ID, grade, birthdate, vaccines, and doses administered.  

Missing or expired immunization requirements are determined according to the student's current age and selected Process Date, and the grade at the time the report was run. If run after the last day of school according to the school calendar, the student's next year's grade field (STU.NG) is used instead.

Students with All Requirements Met is based on their status as of the current date.

At the district level, the report can be printed for multiple schools at once or pre-defined School Groups . The report is sorted by school with the school name in the report heading, and a page break between schools.

If you have the appropriate permissions, you will also see the Generate Notifications button and be able to Print Letters for students with Missing and/or Expired Exemptions. See Immunization Letters.



Select Process Options:

  • Students with Missing Immunizations - Lists students who have required immunizations with missing doses as of the process date selected.

Select Add Missing IMM Records to create a blank IMM record in the database for any student who does not already have one. Usually this is NOT necessary because blank IMM record is automatically created when a student is added, but it does not hurt anything to check this box. Existing data will not be affected. Students who do not have an immunization record or if one is created from this process will show as: The student has no Immunization records because no immunizations records have been entered yet.


  • Students with Expired Exemptions - Lists students who have required immunizations with an exemption expiration date as of the process date selected.

Select BOTH  Students with Missing Immunizations AND Students with Expired Exemptions to get one report listing all students with missing doses AND expired exemptions as of the process date selected.

  • Students with All Requirements Met - Lists students with all required immunization doses of the current date.

    The Date Requirements Met displayed on the report is based on the dates entered in the Status of Requirements.

    For California, each checkpoint date will display.

For Texas, only the latest Date Requirements Met from any of these 3 checkpoints will display.

Note: The data entered in the Status of Requirements section of the Immunizations page is not used to determine a students immunization status on this report.  Immunization status is determined according to the student's current age and grade and the configurations setup on the Configure Vaccination Requirement page.

All of the data entered in the Status of Requirements section is available using the Query page in Aeries.  See Medical/Health/Well-Being Queries.

Report Tag

Running this report also creates a report tag which can be used in a query to get additional information or to keep these students for additional analysis.

For example, when you run the report choosing the process: Student with Missing Immunizations, this query will keep all students who are missing Immunizations as of the process date selected when the report is ran:

KEEP STU RTG IF RNM = 'PrintStudentImmunizationStatus' AND QT = "V"

A LIST query will provide a list of students who are missing immunizations and the Query Letter Report will generate a letter for each student:

LIST STU RTG FN LN GR PG AD CY ST ZC ZX IF RNM = 'PrintStudentImmunizationStatus' AND QT = "V"

When you Print Letters using the Generate Notifications button,  a report tag will also be created.  This query will list all students with a letter generated:  

LIST STU RTG FN LN GR PG AD CY ST ZC ZX IF RNM = 'PrintStudentImmunizationDueLetter' AND QT = "V" 


This report honors KEEP/SKIP queries allowing you to exclude certain students or run for one student. This may be useful if immunization requirements have recently changed and you wish to exclude students already marked as having met the requirement or to exclude students who may be exempt.

For example, the following query skips students who have a blank Requirements Met field for 7th grade: