The Immunizations form is used to store and display immunization data for all students. If an immunization has not been received in the appropriate time frame the field will display in red. A comment and exemption field for each shot is located to the right of the date fields. To access the Immunizations form, click the mouse on the Immunizations node under Medical on the Navigation Tree. 

The following form will display.

Add Immunization

To add an immunization date, click the mouse on the Change button at the bottom of the form. After any information is added or updated for each vaccination, it is stored in the IMM table.

The form will display in edit mode. Enter information and then click the mouse on the Update button to save the record. 

The updated form will then display with the newly added information.

Add Red Flag

To add a Red Flag indicator to the Immunization form, click the mouse on the Flag icon on the top right of the page. 

A comment can be added. After saving the information the Flag icon will display in red.

After a Red flag is added it can be removed by clicking on the Edit icon

Next click on the red flag symbol and remove any comment. The flag will once again display as black.

TDAP Requirement

The State has provided a specific label that can be generated and pasted into the left hand corner of a student’s Immunization Blue Card. The following is an example of the State Tdap Requirement label. This same label can now be printed on the new Immunization Blue Card.

There are fields utilized to determine if a student has met the Tdap requirement. These fields include the DTP Type (DTT), DTP 1-5 (D1-D5) date fields, DTP Boost (DB) and the Tdap Boost (TB). The Exemption fields are also used to determine if the requirement has been met.

There are three selections on the label that can be checked. The first is the Tdap was given on or after 7th Birthday is determined by the DTP and Tdap information entered. If the requirement is met this option will be flagged on the label. When the Tdap Boost field is NOT highlighted in red on the Immunization form this indicates the requirement has been met.

Only the DTP and DTaP codes entered in the DTP Type field are used to determine if the Tdap requirement has been met. If one of these codes has been entered it will then verify the dates in either the Diphtheria 1-5 (D1-D5) date fields or DTP Boost. If the requirements for DTP have NOT been met it will then check the Tdap Boost field to see if requirements are met. If the field displays red this indicates the requirements have NOT been met.

There are exemptions that can be selected to print on the label. There is a Medical Exemption from Physician option and the Tdap Personal Belief Exemption.

If exemptions will be used they must be set up in the Code table. From the Update Code Table form select the IMM table and the PE field. Click the mouse on the Add button. Enter the Medical Exemption code, description and in the Amount (N1) field enter 1.00. Enter the Personal Exemption code, description and in the Amount (N1) field enter 2.00. Entering the value in the Amount field will determine which exemption is checked on the label.

To select an exemption click the mouse on the drop down list and select the code setup for Medical or Personal.

When the Tdap Requirement Label is printed an X will print for the exemption selected.

Print Immunization Record

At the bottom of the Immunization form there are two options to print the student immunization record; Print Plain Paper or Print Blue Card. The Print Plain Paper will print on white paper, Print Blue Card will allow you to print on blank stock blue paper.

To print on plain paper, click the mouse on the Print Plain Paper button. Any immunizations flagged as Exempt will print Exempt in the specified area.

The following is an example of the report that will display.

When printing the Blue Card, there is an option on the form to Print Tdap Sticker. To print the Tdap sticker on the blue card, check off the Print Tdap Sticker option before clicking on the Print Blue Card button.

Click the mouse on the Print Blue Card button. To print the blue card instructions on the back of the blue card click select that option. 

The following is an example of the report that will display.

Note: The TB Skin Test type checkboxes on the blue card are populated based on the "Type" (IMM.TT1) code value. A code of "O" will check the Other checkbox, and a code of "P" will populate the PPD-Mantoux checkbox.

From View All Reports the option is also available to print Student Immunization Cards for ALL students with various options to select.

The Print Student Immunization Status report will print students that have met all immunization requirements or who are missing immunizations. From View All Reports select the Print Student Immunizations Status report. After making selections click the mouse on the Run Report button.

The following Print Student Immunization Status report contains students missing immunizations and is sorted by vaccine with DTP starting on page 1.

Note: When running this report, it will check the vaccination requirements based on the student's current age based on the date chosen on the report options, and the grade at the time the report was run. If the report is after the last day of school according to the school calendar, the student's next year's grade field (STU.NG) will be used instead.

The Add Missing IMM Records checkbox on this report will create a blank IMM record in the database for any student who does not already have one. This normally is not necessary since a blank IMM record is automatically created when a student is added, but it does not hurt anything to check this box. Existing data will not be affected.

Other Immunizations

The Other Immunization area can be used to track other immunizations that a student may have received as well as immunization exemptions. After information has been added or updated on this page it is stored in the IMM table.

To access Other Immunizations, click the mouse on the Change button on the Immunizations form. An Other Immunizations tab will now display where information can be added. Note: Codes for other immunizations may be set up in the code table in the IMM.O1T field and are shared for all other immunizations entered.