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The Immunizations page is a student-related page used to record and display immunization data for all students. Aeries includes built-in vaccination requirements, which will validate each student's immunizations against specific rules. By default, these rules are set according to State requirements, but they can be customized if needed. Comments and exemptions can also be recorded on this page. Several fields are provided for tracking if the student has met the requirements, or if they require a follow-up. Like all student-related pages, the Student Information Bar is included to display various information about the student and also to manage red flags.

Navigate to Student Data > Medical > Immunizations. The Immunizations page provides date fields for students' immunization doses:

Immunizations page

Updating Immunization Records

The Immunizations page includes fields for each Immunization date, as well as a separate section to record Status of Requirements.

Note: Beginning with 2019-2020 school year database, the old status of requirements and records presented fields will no longer display. These old fields will be deprecated as of 2019-2020, but will still display in old databases. It is highly recommended that the data be converted form the old fields to the new fields. A process that can be used to convert the data is explained in another article.

To add an immunization date, click on the Change button at the top or bottom of the page. After any information is added or updated for each vaccination, it is stored in the IMM table.

The form will display in edit mode. Enter dates and any other necessary information on the Standard Information tab and then press the Update button to save the record. The updated form will then display with the newly added information.

Note: Exemption codes should be set up in the Update Code Table form for the IMM.PE field. The same code set is used for all exemption dropdowns. Multiple codes may be set up. Any code with an amount (COD.N1) of 1.00 designates that code as a permanent medical exemption. An amount value of 2.00 means the code is a personal beliefs exemption. These distinctions may be referenced by Aeries when needed.

For Varicella (chickenpox), a Contracted field exists. An "X" can be placed in this field if the student has contracted the disease. This field is for reference purposes only, and has no bearing on vaccination requirements.

For California customers, in the past students could be exempt from the vaccination if they have contracted the disease. This is typically no longer automatically the case, unless the student also has a permanent medical exemption, which would be noted as an exemption.

The 11/4/2021 version of Aeries includes the COVID-19 vaccination fields on this page. There is a dropdown box on this page to denote the type of vaccination. Information on configuring COVID-19 vaccinations can be found in the How to Configure Vaccination Requirements (COVID-19) documentation.

Additional dates for additional vaccinations not specified on the first tab can be recorded on the Other Immunizations tab. After information has been added or updated on this page, it is stored in the IMM table. Note: Codes for other immunizations may be set up in the code table in the IMM.O1T field and are shared for all other immunizations entered. See the Other Immunizations documentation for more detail on adding information for additional vaccinations, like Flu Shots or HPV.

Other Immunizations tab

Immunizations Boosters, and specifically COVID boosters, should be recorded on the Immunizations Boosters tab and will be displayed in View Mode on the main Immunizations page. See the Immunizations Boosters (COVID) documentation for more information. 

Immunizations Boosters tab

In addition to immunizations, TB Skin Test and Chest XRay information can be recorded on the Standard Information tab.

Beneficiary ID Card number, as well as Disaster Information can be recorded as well. These fields are for reference purposes only and are not included on any report.

Lastly, the Status of Requirements section should be filled out for the current student. The Status of Requirements is covered in more depth below.

Immunization Requirements  

Based on configured vaccination requirements for their age or grade, Aeries will automatically calculate if the student meets the requirements or not. At the top of the page, a Green box indicating All Requirements Met will be displayed if the system determines that the student has met the requirements. This same check is performed when running the Student Immunization Status report for multiple students.

If the system detects that a student does not meet all of the requirements, the message above will not be displayed, and instead red boxes will be present near the vaccinations needing attention. The boxes will be highlighted in red if the student is missing doses. Additionally, boxes may be highlighted because the the dates entered are incorrect, or the dates are before the student was old enough to have the immunizations be counted for vaccination requirements. 

The row labeled Tdap - 7th Grade works in conjunction with the Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis row. In some cases, the student may have already met the Tdap - 7th Grade requirement if they have received the correct dose by a certain age. For this reason, it is displayed as a separate line in Aeries. For record-keeping purposes, districts have the option to re-enter the dose date on the Tdap - 7th grade, however they may also leave it blank if the DTP Vaccine Type drop-down is populated.

The Status of Requirements section is used to record the overall immunization status of the student.

It is important to populate all applicable fields for each checkpoint, because some fields are used to populate State specific documentation, such as the California CDPH-286 Blue Card.

The Status of Requirements and Records Presented fields (and IMM table field names) are explained below:

  • Staff Initials - (SIP, SIK, SI7) A code-table dropdown can be utilized.
  • Requirements Met- (RMP, RMK, RM7) This dropdown is a code-table dropdown.
    The Amount (N1) value of the code table is used to denote the meaning of the code for purposes of populating the checkboxes on the CDPH-286 Blue Card report.
    These codes represent an initial set of codes, but can be customized if needed.
    • X - Has All Required Vaccine Doses (N1 = 1.00). Select this code if the student has met the requirements by having all required vaccines, even if some are because of a medical exemption. Otherwise, select one of the other reasons to indicate they have met the requirements.
    • I - Individualized Education Program (N1 = 2.00)
    • D - Independent Study Program (N1 = 3.00)
    • H - Home-based Private School (N1 = 4.00)
    • P - Personal Beliefs Exemption (pre-2016) (N1 = 5.00)
    • Additional codes may be added or removed from the code table as needed.
  • Date Requirements Met - (RDP, RDK, RD7) This will pre-populate with today's date after selecting a Requirements Met code. This is the date the requirements for this checkpoint have been met.
  • Requires Follow-up- (RFP, RFK, RF7) If the student does not meet the requirements at this time, select the reason. This dropdown is a code-table dropdown.
    The Amount (N1) value of the code table is used to denote the meaning of the code for purposes of populating the checkboxes on the CDPH-286 Blue Card report, which is available to California customers only.
    These codes represent an initial set of codes, but can be customized if needed.
    • TE - Temporary Medical Exemption (N1 = 1.00)
    • MC - Missing Doses Not Currently Due - Conditional (N1 = 2.00)
    • MD - Missing Doses Are Overdue - Needs Doses Now (N1 = 3.00)
  • Follow-up Date - (FDP, FDK, FD7) The date the follow-up is required.
  • Records Presented - (RTP, RTK, RT7) These are hard-coded values to select from the dropdown, however custom codes can be added, and hard-coded codes can be renamed or hidden by updating the code table for the IMM.RPT field. This same code set is used for all three fields.
  • Comment - (RPP, RPK, RP7) This is a comment related to the records presented.

If a student has at least one medical exemption, no boxes should be checked in the status of requirements section, but the initials and the Date Requirements Met should be populated, and the initials may be populated.

NOTE: If a student is unable to attend school due to a missing immunization, it is recommended that the absence be recorded with the Absence Code for Temporarily Not Enrolled in conjunction with a secondary enrollment code. 

At the bottom of the Immunization form, there are two options to print the student immunization record:  Print Plain Paper or Print Blue Card. The Print Plain Paper will print on white paper. The Print Blue Card button will print the CDPH-286 Blue Card form, which can be printed on any color or type of paper.

At the bottom of the Immunization form, press the Print button to print the record.

A plain paper student immunization card looks like the following example:

For California customers, when printing the Blue Card, there is an option to Print Instructions on the Back Side of Blue Card. The following is an example of the report that will display.

Student Immunization Cards Report  

The Student Immunization Cards can be printed for all students with various options to select including a student's Legal Name. From View All Reports select the Print Student Immunizations Cards report. After making selections click the mouse on the Run Report button. A user will need read permissions to the LSI table in order to print a student's Legal Name on the Student Immunizations Cards report. 

Immunization Status Report

The Print Student Immunization Status report will print students that have met all immunization requirements or who are missing immunizations. From View All Reports select the Print Student Immunizations Status report. After making selections click the mouse on the Run Report button.

The following Print Student Immunization Status report contains students missing immunizations and is sorted by vaccine with DTP starting on page 1.

Note: When running this report, it will check the vaccination requirements based on the student's current age based on the date chosen on the report options, and the grade at the time the report was run. If the report is after the last day of school according to the school calendar, the student's next year's grade field (STU.NG) will be used instead.

Running this report also creates a report tag.  This report tag by be used in a query to get additional information or to keep these students for additional analysis.

For example, when you run the report choosing the process: Student with Missing Immunizations, this query will keep all students who are missing Immunizations as of the process date selected when the report is ran:

KEEP STU RTG IF RNM = 'PrintStudentImmunizationStatus' AND QT = "V"

A LIST query will provide a list of students who are missing immunizations and the Query Letter Report will generate a letter for each student:

LIST STU RTG FN LN GR PG AD CY ST ZC ZX IF RNM = 'PrintStudentImmunizationStatus' AND QT = "V"

The Student Immunization Status report can also be printed from District in Aeries. The report can be printed for multiple schools at a time. The Student Immunization Status report will print sorted by each selected school with the school name in the page header and a page break between schools. 

The Add Missing IMM Records checkbox on this report will create a blank IMM record in the database for any student who does not already have one. This normally is not necessary since a blank IMM record is automatically created when a student is added, but it does not hurt anything to check this box. Existing data will not be affected.

This report honors keep/skip queries to exclude students from being evaluated on this report. This may be useful if vaccination requirements have recently changed, and you would like to exclude the students already marked as having met the requirement.

For example, here is a query that can be run to skip students who have any value in the Requirements Met field for 7th grade:

SKIP STU IMM IF IMM.RM7 # " "How to Configure Vaccination Requirements (COVID-19)