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Navigate to Student Data > Medical Data > Immunizations.

Immunizations Boosters are recorded on a student's Immunizations page. Specifically, Immunizations Boosters can be used to record boosters for Coronavirus (COVID). Values can be added on Update Code Table, to record data for other types of boosters, as required. Immunizations Boosters records can be mass added using Import Data to Aeries or Mass Add Student Related Data


Immunizations (IMM)Read
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Add new record
Update records
Read, Insert and Update to IMM are required to view the Immunizations Boosters tab
Immunizations Boosters (IMB)Read
Mass Update
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Add new record
Update records
Delete records
Mass Update records


Immunizations Boosters are recorded in the IMB table. Default values are provided for two IMB fields, for convenience in recording COVID boosters for students.

Table.FieldLabel on Page
Janssen (J&J)

To record different boosters, or different booster sub types, additional values may be added to the COD table for IMB.TY and/or IMB.ST. See the Update Code Table documentation for more information on how to add code values. 

Immunizations Boosters Data Viewing  

Immunizations Boosters for COVID (IMB.TY = 'COVID') are configured to display on the main Immunizations tab. No other Immunizations Boosters are currently displayed on the main Immunizations tab. 

In View Mode, COVID boosters will have their type (IMB.ST) displayed in the COVID-19 Vaccine Type  row. The date of the dose for the associated booster displays below the type on the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) row. Up to three COVID boosters will be displayed, in order by date, starting with the most recent.

COVID immunizations and boosters in View Mode


Add Immunizations Boosters for Individual Students  

COVID and other boosters are added in Edit Mode on the Immunizations Boosters tab. Press the Update button to change to Edit Mode. On the Standard Information tab, the COVID rows display the COVID immunizations and the comment associated with those immunizations. Additionally, a reminder is provided for adding the boosters:

Add COVID boosters on Immunizations Boosters tab 

On the Immunizations Boosters tab, records can be added for individual students. To add a booster, press the Add New Record button:Add new Immunization Booster

Fill in any information that should be recorded and press the Save button to save the record:

Once a record has been saved, it can be copied to another student. 

On the Immunizations Boosters tab for the student whose record(s) should be copied, check the Copy checkbox for the record(s) to be copied. Press the Copy button; a popup will confirm that the records were copied. Navigate to the student who should have duplicate records and press the Paste button to copy the records to that student:

Student Immunization Card Reports  

The three most recent COVID boosters recorded in IMB will have their dates printed on the Student Immunization Card report. This report is printed from the Print button at the bottom of the Immunizations page, and is also printed from Reports > Student Immunizations Cards

Under the COVID-19 row, which displays the COVID immunization doses and dose types, a COVID-19 Boosters row displays the dates (IMB.DT) for the three most recent IMB records where IMB.TY = 'COVID'. 

COVID-19 Booster Dates on Student Immunization Card