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Navigate to Student Data > Medical Data > Other Medical Tests.

The Other Medical Tests page is provided to store the data for students' medical tests (other than Hearing, Vision, Dental, Physicals, and Scoliosis). Specifically, Other Medical Tests can be used to record tests for Coronavirus or COVID. Values can be added on Update Code Table, to record data for other medical tests, as required. Other Medical Tests records can be mass added using Import Data to Aeries or Mass Add Student Related Data

Other Medical Tests page


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The Other Medical Tests page uses default code values provided to record COVID test results:

Table.FieldLabel on Page
OMT.RSTest ResultPOS; NEGPositive; Negative

To record different medical tests, or different results, additional values may be added to the COD table for OMT.TY and/or OMT.RS. See the Update Code Table documentation for more information on how to add code values. 

Other Medical Tests Data Entry  

On the Other Medical Tests page, records can be added to individual students. To add a test record, press the Add New Record button:Add New Record button

Fill in any information that should be recorded and press the Save button to save the record:

Save an Other Medical Test record

Code values are provided for Test Type COVID and for Test Results POS and NEG, but other values may be added to the COD table as needed. Multiple test results records are displayed in date descending order (the most recent at the top).

Once a record has been saved, it can be copied to another student. 

On the Other Medical Tests page for the student whose record(s) should be copied, check the Copy checkbox for the record(s) to be copied. Press the Copy button; a popup will confirm that the records were copied. Navigate to the student who should have duplicate records and press the Paste button to copy the records to that student:

Paste to copy Other Medical Tests record(s)

Other Medical Tests Query  

Query can be used to list or limit students by their COVID test results. 

In the following example, students at the school are tested periodically for COVID and the results are recorded in OMT. For the next scheduled test, students who have a positive COVID test result within the last ninety days should not be tested. A SKIP query can be used: 


In the example above, 12/01/2021 represents the date ninety days in the past, and would be modified as needed.

Additionally, students whose parents have denied permission for COVID testing should also be excluded from the next round of tests. At this school, Authorizations (AUT) is used to record parental permissions:

In the above example, COD values for AUT.CD = C19 with description "Permission to test for COVID" and AUT.ST values for 1 for "Permitted" and 2 for "Denied" are being used. A SKIP query can be run to skip these students, as long as the AUT Status Date is after 8/1/2021:

SKIP STU AUT IF AUT.CD = 'C19' AND AUT.ST = '2' AND AUT.SDT > 08/01/2021

After running the two queries, the students who remain are the students who should be tested. At this point another query or reports can be run if needed, while the SKIP is in effect.