Certain functions and processes need to be completed on a regular basis for successful CALPADS reporting.  This article will outline the procedures recommended by Aeries® and is intended as a guideline.  Following the functions and process below will ensure clean data reporting to CALPADS for the various submissions.

Start of the school Year

The following processes must be performed BEFORE the first Enrollment Update submission.

  • Review and verify the CALPADS Code Value Translations in Aeries
  • Obtain SSIDs (STU.CID) for new students
  • Obtain SEIDs (STF.SID) for new staff.  May need to work with Human Resources department.
  • Verify all active Teacher records have valid Staff IDs populated on the Teacher record.
  • Verify all Absence Codes.  Refer to the Absence Code document for more information:Absence Codes
  • Verify Attendance History is configured for the nightly process
  • Populate No Show students with the appropriate Leave Reason code, Summer Withdrawal Date & Leave date
  • Run start of year submissions (Enrollment Update tab) for the new academic year after Enrollment has started.  (Post in order and one at a time).
    • SENR – Student Enrollment.  Identifies student enrollment/ownership- Run the “Extract All Data This Year” option.
    • SINF – Student Information.  Includes student demographic information.
    • SPRG – Student Program.  Includes students’ eligibilities for or participation in particular programs for the academic year.
      • Note:  a new option is available for the SPRG extract that can be used at the beginning of the school year.    
      • SPRG w/o FRE - will exclude the FRE – NSLP programs (181 and 182).  This option can be used at the beginning of the school year during the 30-day carryover period.
      • Refer to the CALPADS Decision Guide for NSLP/FRE Management document for more information: CALPADS_Decision_Guide_For_NSLP_FRE.pdf
    • SELA - Student English Language Acquisition.  This file includes student Primary Language Code, English Language Acquisition Status Code and English Language Acquisition Status Start Date.

                The SELA Import should be run at the beginning of the school year before uploading the first SELA file to     

                CALPADS and periodically throughout the year.

                This will ensure that all students in your database have the most recent CALPADS Student Language            

                Acquisition Status (ELAS) information: CALPADS_SELA_Import_Process.pdf