Ongoing Maintenance

Following the functions and process below during the school year will ensure clean data reporting to CALPADS for the various submissions.

  • Obtain SSIDs (STU.CID) for new students entered during the school year
  • Obtain SEIDs (STF.SID) for new staff
  • Run and submit to CALPADS Enrollment Update files (SENR, SINF and SPRG files)
    • Run the “Extract Only Data Changes” option at least every 2 weeks
    • Run the “Extract All Data This Year” option at least once a month
  • Update student information – Changes to the following fields will be updated in the SINF file.  Changes are stored in the Log Details (LGD) table.
    • Grade level changes – will be extracted in the SENR file with code E150 automatically populated when a 440 code in Aeries is used.
    • Student Names (LN, FN, MN, SF, LNA, FNA, MNA and Legal Names)
    • Address (AD, CY, ST, ZC, ZX, RAD, RCY, RST, RZC, RZX) - Student Address changes are stored in the Address History (ADH) table and can be edited on the Address History form in Aeries.
    • Birth fields (BD, BCY, BST, BCU)
    • Sex (GN)
    • Ethnicity/Race(s) (ETH, RC1-RC5)
    • Parent Ed (PED)
    • Language Assessment (LAC)
    • US School Entry Date (USS)
    • Secondary Student Data (SSD)
    • US School < 3 Years (SUS)
    • Update Program information – populate appropriate start and end dates
    • Homeless students, enter the students Dwelling Type and indicators if applicable.

Note: per CALPADS - If a student’s Homeless Dwelling Type changes during the academic year, LEAs can, but are not required to, update the information in CALPADS. This is because students are only reported to the federal government in ONE Homeless Dwelling Type, and so it is not necessary to keep a running history of dwelling changes that occur within an academic year. If multiple Homeless Dwelling Types are reported throughout the year, CALPADS will only use the most recent. Permanent Housing is inferred for students without a homeless program record.

  • Run Reconciliations - these processes are designed to take the CALPADS data and validate the data against what is currently known in Aeries and output files for the current year.
  • SPRG Audit (Reconciliation) at least every 2 months before Fall 1 and EOY submissions.
  • SENR Audit (Reconciliation) for cleanup if necessary




  • Run Audit reports and clear errors
    • Attendance Audit
    • Course Attendance (CAR) Audit
    • Student Data Audit