This SENR ODS Audit process is designed to take the CALPADS ODS SENR Extract files and validate the data against what is currently known in Aeries and output files for the current year.  It will also bring records into Aeries for students who have been newly identified as EL and IFEP, directly from the testing vendor.

Before running the process in the current year, the previous year’s enrollment must be closed out.  This process will adjust CALPADS data to be aligned with Aeries data.

Note:  As of the 12/6/2019 update, The SENR reconciliation logic has been adjusted to delete SENR records coming from CALPADS, for the current year, when a student does not have any ENR data in the current year. 


Note:  This process should only be run in the current year.  This process should not be run in prior years. 

Below is an overview of the SENR ODS Audit, with instructions to follow:

  1. Download the full CALPADS SSID Enrollment ODS Download file
  1. In the current year, import the CALPADS SSID Enrollment ODS Download file into Aeries using the Import SENR ODS Extract File button on the Create CALPADS Extracts form, ODS Reconciliations, SELA Import tab.

Click on the Load File, Evaluate, and Create New SENR File button.  A new SENR file will be created.

  1. Upload the new file to CALPADS. 

Step 1 – Request CALPADS File

    • Extracts > ODS Extracts > "SSID Enrollment ODS Download"
    • Do not select the "Active Student" option,  Select the "Date Range" option
    • Enter an Enrollment Start Date of July 1st that is 10 years prior to the current school year (i.e. 07/01/2010)
    • Enter an Enrollment End Date of today.
    • Download the file to a location on your hard-drive

Step 2 – Import CALPADS File into Aeries

  • In Aeries:
  • Open the Aeries software to CURRENT YEAR
  • Open the Create CALPADS Extracts form
    • Make sure all options are set correctly and all code value translations are correct
    • Verify the School Selection is correct
    • Go to the ODS Reconciliations, SELA Import tab
      • Click the Select SENR ODS Extract File button and select the file you downloaded from CALPADS
      • Click the Load File, Evaluate, and Create New SENR File button to create the SENR file to send to CALPADS

Step 3 – Upload Aeries File to CALPADS

    • Use the CALPADS system to upload the resulting SENR file
    • Many errors are a result of incorrect options on the "Create CALPADS Extracts" form, verify the options.
    • DO NOT POST the SENR file until you get the number of errors down to zero or almost zero.