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Navigate to Student Data > Scheduling > Course Requests/Schedule. 

The Course Requests/Schedule page is used to schedule individual Students into classes for the upcoming Semester or School Year after the Student’s requested Courses are entered. The Course Request/Schedule page has been redesigned to look and function similar to the Classes page.

On the Course Request page, a button is visible that is used to toggle between the Old Edit View and the New Edit View of the page. The functionality in these pages are very different as some features are only available in the new page. New features will be described below.

Selecting the button New Edit View from the Course Request page will switch to the New Course Request page which has been redesigned to look similar to the Classes Page. The system will remember the settings for the user so that when navigating to the New Edit View, the page will reload on the New Edit View until the user switches it again. The New Edit View has functions that are only available on the new page.


Course Request (SSS)Read
View page
Add new record
Update records
Delete Records
Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS)Read
If a User should be allowed to add Students to full sections on the Course Request page, they need Update permissions to SMS.
Course (CRS)ReadRead Course table


Depending on the complexity of the page, you may want to show where data is stored and how it works.

Course Request (SSS)
All Student Course Requests will be stored in this table.
Scheduling Master (SMS)

This table stores all section information that is used in building the Scheduling Master Schedule.
Course Request Packets (CRP)
If Course Request Packets are used, course numbers that are bundled together as a group can be added at one time.
Course Request Table (CRQ)
Course Request table is used to identify the courses that will be used in the school year and can be available for adding courses from the Add from Course Request Table button.

Configurations and Functions  

Course requests can be added to the Student's record using the Add New Record button, Add Many New Records button, View SMS button, Add From Course Request Table button, or from the Course Request Packet button, all available while in edit mode.

When a schedule has been modified, the RESET button is available and when selected will revert the schedule back to the original state if the SAVE button has not been applied yet. In this example, two courses have been added, CN 0634 and 0010. No SAVE button has been selected. Select the RESET button and those courses will be removed.

Cancel button will allow the course changes to be cancelled and any changes will be undone.

Student Course Requests (New Edit View)

The Course Request page has some new functions that are only available from the New Edit View. These functions are described as below:

  • Class Links
  • Replacing an Existing Course Number

Adding a Linked Section

If a section is added to the student's Course Requests either from the View SMS display or Add New Record buttons, and the section is linked to other sections as described in the Class Link documentation, then any linked section with the same Class Link value will automatically be added at the same time. The View SMS display will indicate a section that has a class link by a symbol next to the section number. Selecting the green + button will add the section and all linked sections to the student's course requests (certain rules apply).

A few examples and rules are described below:

  • Section 45 has the same class link value as section 105 which is stored in the SMS.CL field. In the SMS View, selecting the + button next to section 45 will add both sections to the students schedule. These two sections are in the same Term. The selected term (45) will display as a record on the course request first, the linked sections will be added after the SAVE button is selected.

  • Section 1103 has the same class link value as section 3020. These sections have different terms, periods and teachers. Section 1103 is in the Fall Term and 3020 is in the Spring Term. Select the Edit button, then Add New Record. Section 1103 was added to the Section field. After selecting SAVE, the linked section #3020 was also added to the schedule.
    • If the section added was in the current term, for example, 'S' Term, then only the Spring term will be added and the linked section which is in term 'F' Fall will not be added. The system will never add a prior Term when adding linked course requests.

Deleting a Section

When a section is deleted that is part of a linked group of sections, then a message will appear to delete all linked sections. If the user selects, 'OK', all linked sections will be deleted. The same rules apply as when adding a section. The system will never delete a prior term than the one being deleted.

For example:

  • Section 1103 which is a Fall Term class is selected to be deleted. The linked section which is in the Spring Term will also be deleted if the user selects OK when the warning message appears. However, if the Spring Term section is deleted first, only the spring section will be deleted. The user will not be prompted to delete the prior term section.

Section 1103 (Fall) was selected to be deleted. A warning message will display when deleting a section. Select OK.

Another message will appear to indicate a course request for a class with a linked section was deleted. The prompt to delete course requests for the linked sections too? will delete any linked sections that are in the selected term or later. Select 'YES' to proceed. Both sections 1103 and 3020 will be deleted. Select 'No' and only section 1103 will be deleted. Select SAVE to complete the course change.

Replacing an Existing Course Number

When a schedule change is being made, if the course number is already on the student's course request page, inserting the student into a specific section where the same course ID already exists will prompt the user to replace the existing matching course. This can be done from the SMS View Display and only on the New Edit View. 

For example:

This student has several course requests on the schedule but has not been assigned to any section numbers yet. Selecting to insert this student directly into a specific section where the course number matches will prompt the user to replace the existing course with the new course. This will save some steps in the process for the user.

Select View SMS display, select the section to add to the student's course request, in this example, section 45 is selected. Notice this section is also a linked section. The prompt will appear to indicate the Course ID 0010 already exists. Replace with Course ID section (45)?  Select OK to proceed and the student's original course 0010 assigned to section 0 will be replaced with the new section 45. The user will no longer need to remove the old course saving time in the process.

The SAVE button must be selected to complete the process which will also add the linked section to this schedule.

NOTE: These new features of adding/deleting class links or replacing existing Course ID's when adding sections View SMS Display is only available in the New Edit View on the Course Request page.

Add New Record/Add Many Records  

Select the Add New Record button to add one record to the schedule. The Add Many Records button will add 10 records to the schedule. This will allow the user to add multiple courses or sections without having to SAVE the page after each one.

View SMS

The View SMS button will display on the blue header at the top of the Course Request section while in edit mode. This button is used while in New Edit View. The View SMS button at the bottom will be greyed out and only available on the Old Edit View.

Add Course Request

To add course requests to the page, several options are available.

Add New Record - Add a new record to the student course requests. The Crs ID field can be used to search for a course name or course number. Select the appropriate course from the drop-down, then select SAVE.

Add Many Records - Add 10 empty records to begin, then select the search criteria for adding multiple course requests. Search from the Crs ID field by entering a course number or the name of a course. If the student is being scheduled directly into a specific section, enter the section number in the Section field. Once all course requests have been added to the student's schedule, select SAVE. Any record that did not get populated with a course ID or section number will simply be removed when the SAVE button is selected.

Change Course Request  

Select the Edit button, then select to clear out a course number by selecting the 'x' in the Crs ID field and replace it with a new number. If the intention is to remove the student from the section but leave the student's course, then clear out the section number replacing it with zero. This will remove the student from the class and assigned teacher while keeping the student's course request in tact.

Delete Course Requests

To delete a course request from a student's schedule, select the Edit button, then select the delete icon available to the left of the course. A warning message will appear allowing the user to select OK to continue with the deletion. Select Cancel to Cancel the delete process.

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