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Navigate to Scheduling Process > Configurations > Update Course Request Options.

The Update Course Request Options form is used to select courses to populate the Course Requests Cross Reference (CRQ) table. The courses in the CRQ table are the list of courses available for parents or students to select, when they choose Course Requests on the Student/Parent Portal.

Update Course Request Options page


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Initialize a New Course Requests Options Table  

If no data is contained in CRQ, when this page is first visited, it will open a blank CRQ table. Click the Initialize New Course Request Options Table button on the right to populate the CRQ table with all courses available to students in the selected grade level based upon the grade range in the Courses table. If data exists in the CRQ table, the button will read Recreate Course Request Options Table and courses in the table will be listed on the left.

Initialize New Course Requests Table button

A Confirm form will open. Select one of the options for sorting the courses. It is important to note that Course ID and Course Title will display regardless of the option selected. Click the checkbox if you would like to Bypass courses with a 0-0 grade range. Click the Yes button when finished.

The table will now display with all courses available for the lowest grade level from your school’s grade range. All courses are initially checked to Allow. In the example below the grade level is 9 and 339 is the number of courses available for that grade level.

Total Courses Tagged for Grade Level

All courses with a check mark in the Allow column will be available for parents and students to select. Courses that are not checked will not be available for selection. Courses can be manually selected for inclusion. Click on the course to be included and a check mark will now display for that course. To deselect a course, click on the course to be deselected and the check mark will be removed. Courses can also be added or removed using one of the methods described below.


The options available on this form include:

  • Grade Level Shown - From the grade range in CRS.LO/CRS.HI. This can be changed to view available courses for other grades.
  • Hide Un-Tagged Courses - This will hide from display any course not checked to Allow.
  • Initialize New Course Request Options Table/Recreate Course Request Options Table -If the CRQ table is blank, the button will read Initialize New Course Request Options Table. Once the CRQ table has been created, the button reads Recreate Course Request Options Table. Recreating the Course Request Options Table will reset the CRQ table back to the initial setup. Caution should be used when Recreating. This option will clear ALL courses previously selected for ALL grade levels.
  • Un-Tag All - will uncheck all of the check boxes in the Allow column.
  • Tag All - will check all of the check boxes in the Allow column.
  • Add a Course - If a course has been added after CRQ was initialized, it can be added to the grade displayed. Click the Add a Course button. Enter the course number in the text box and click the Add Course button to add the course to the table.
  • Update Totals from MST - Totals can be calculated from the current Master Schedule to determine how many students were enrolled in each course. This can help determine whether a course should be offered.
  • Tag and Un-Tag Based on Totals - After Update Totals from MST has been calculated, selecting this option will tag courses with a check mark in the Allow column only if the total in the Actual MST Total column is greater than zero. If the Actual MST Total is zero, the course will be un-tagged if it was previously tagged.

Course and MST Grade Ranges  

If sections in the MST have a grade range (MST.LO/MST.HI) that differs from the Course grade range (CRS.LO/CRS.HI), those sections are listed with an informational message:

These courses are available to choose as Course Request Options for grade levels corresponding to the CRS grade range. Any sections with MST grade levels outside the CRS grade range are displayed in a list, along with the two grade ranges:

The SE (section) and Crs ID (course ID) column contain links to these sections and courses, respectively. The grade ranges (CRS.LO/CRS.HI and MST.LO/MST.HI) are also displayed.