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Alternate Course Requests allow multiple alternate courses to be selected in case the primary course request is unavailable. Alternate courses can be linked to the primary course and can be sorted to set the priority when scheduling alternate courses.

Course Requests page with Alternate Course Requests


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Adding Alternate Course Requests  

To add Alternate Course Requests select the Add New Record button in the Alternate Course Requests section. A form will open allowing you to enter the desired course request number. If the course number is known enter the desired course number and save the record by selecting the Save button. If the course number is not known, courses can be searched by selecting the magnifying glass button in the record to be added.

Add a Course Number as an Alternate Course Request

Selecting the magnifying glass button will open a search window allowing you to search for a course either by name or course number or partial course name or course number. 

Search for a Course to add as an Alternate Course Request

Select the desired course to set the course number and click the Save button to save the record.  

Save an Alternate Course Request

Setting Alternate Course Request Priority  

Alternate Course Requests can be prioritized. Once the priority is set, if the Schedule Alternates box is checked and the primary course is not available, the first alternate course will be scheduled first. If the first alternate course is not available, then the subsequent alternate course will be scheduled.

To set priority, alternate courses need to be sorted in the order to be scheduled. To sort Alternate Course Requests, click the Priority Sort button. 

A Move button with a vertical arrow will display to the left of the delete button. Select the Move button of the Alternate Course Request that need to be adjusted. The Alternate Course Request can be moved either up or down and placed in the desired position.  

Sorting the priority of Alternate Course Requests

Note: The priority sort order is stored in the ACR.SRT field.

Linking Alternate Course Requests to Primary Course Requests  

Once the priority of Alternate Course Requests is set, they can be linked to primary Course Requests using the Manage button in the Course Request grid.  The Manage button is used to link one or more Alternate Course Requests to a primary course request. The number of Alternate Course Requests assigned to a primary course will also be displayed. There is no limit to the amount of alternate courses that can be linked to primary courses. 

Manage Alternate Course Requests button

To link an Alternate Course Request select the Manage button of the course request record that needs to have an alternate course linked to it. Selecting the Manage button will open the Manage Alternate Request Association window for the selected course. The alternate courses will be listed in the priority order that was previously set. Select the check mark to the left of the alternate course or courses that will be linked to the student course request. Click the Save button to save your selections and close the window. 

Link an Alternate to a Primary Course Request

In the below example the Ceramics I course request now has two alternate course requests linked to the Ceramics I course. The number of linked Alternate Course Requests is indicated by the number 2 displayed to the left of the Manage button. 

Linked Course Requests

Scheduling Alternate Course Requests  

The Schedule Alternates checkbox should be checked if alternate course requests should be automatically scheduled when the preferred course request is unavailable. The alternate course will be scheduled by priority order. If the first alternate is not available then the second alternate will be scheduled. Select the Reschedule button to reschedule a student's schedule. 

If an Alternate Course Request has been entered and a student is scheduled into the alternate, the primary and alternate course requests are switched on the student scheduling record, and a tag is set in the record. The word ALTERNATE will display under the REJECT heading. If the student is scheduled again without the Schedule Alternates box selected the courses are switched back, and the tag is removed. This gives the primary course a chance to be scheduled first.