Navigate to Student Data > Scheduling > Course Requests/Schedule.

Course Request Packets (a selected group of course requests) may be added to an individual student's course requests for next year's schedule (or next term's schedule) on the Course Requests page. Course Request Packets can also be mass assigned to a group of students' course requests for next year/term; for more information see Student Course Requests. For more information about adding Course Request Packets to an individual student's schedule for the current year, see Add a Course Request Packet to a Current Schedule.

For information on creating and modifying Course Request Packets, see Creating and Modifying Course Request Packets.

Course Request Packet button on Course Requests


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Add a Course Request Packet to a Student's Course Requests  

On the Course Requests page, the student's course requests for next year/term will be displayed. In this example, the student doesn't have course requests yet, so the list is blank. Click on the Course Request Packet button:

Add a Course Request Packet

The Select Packet to Add popup is displayed:

The Select Packet to Add popup

Using the radio buttons near the bottom under Sort List By:, the Course Request Packets can be sorted by Packet, Description,  or Grade LO/HIAlternatively, check the checkbox by Limit list to student's grade level to only display Course Request Packets for the student's grade level.

To see the courses in a packet, click on the packet, which will become highlighted to signify it is selected. The courses in the packet are displayed on the right.

View courses in a packet

To add the selected packet to the student's course requests, click OK.

Add the packet

A confirmation window is displayed:

Confirmation popup

Click OK once more to add the packet to the student's course requests or Cancel to abandon the addition. If the Course Request Packet has a grade range that does not include the student's grade for next year, another confirmation pop-up window is displayed: 

Grade range warning popup

Click OK to disregard the grade range warning, if necessary, and add the Course Request Packet to the student's course requests for next year. Cancel will abandon the packet addition.