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Navigate to Student Data > Scheduling > Course Requests/Schedule.

The student Course Requests page includes a section where staff with permissions to the Scheduling Exclusions security area can view and assign Scheduling Exclusions to students. Teacher, Student, and Period exclusions may be specified. When the student is scheduled, either individually with the Reschedule button or in mass using Schedule All Students, they will not be scheduled into classes with the specified teachers, students, or during the specified periods. If the exclusions prevent the student from being scheduled into any classes, that course request will be assigned an appropriate reject reason.

Course Requests page with Scheduling Exclusions


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SED Table  

Scheduling Exclusions (SED)School Code (SCL)

School Code

Scheduling Exclusions (SED)Student ID (ID)The ID Number of the student
Scheduling Exclusions (SED)
Type (TY)The type of exclusion (T = teacher, S = student, P = period)
Scheduling Exclusions (SED)Excluded ID (ID2)The Student ID of the other student, the Teacher Number, or the Period Number 
Scheduling Exclusions (SED)TableCode (TC)For future use; currently populates “SSS” for all records

Add a Scheduling Exclusion  

To add a Scheduling Exclusion, click the Add New Scheduling Exclusion button. Select the Type of Scheduling Exclusion. Once the Type has been selected, enter the period, teacher name, or student name. Search for the appropriate teacher or student, if necessary. Click the Save icon to save the exclusion. Click the Delete icon to delete an exclusion.

Add a new Scheduling Exclusion

In the case of student exclusions, records are automatically added to both students, so that they are both excluded from each other. When an exclusion is deleted from one student, it is automatically deleted from both.