Overview / Setup

Elementary Flex (aka Primary Class Tracking) is ready for schools to setup and start the school year. This feature is currently in BETA for the 2021-22 school year.


  • School Options: 
    • Schools can be set up with Period or Daily attendance.  
    • If Daily Attendance is selected, a Primary ADA time must also be selected.
    • Scheduling Type must be set as Flex Scheduling and will need Flex Periods and Class Calendars.
    • Primary Class Tracking must be enabled.
  • Master Schedule / Scheduling Master:
    • The "Primary Class" flag must be set for those sections in the master schedule that will drive that status for the teacher/student relationship.
    • Non-Primary Classes can still be the sections to take attendance on some days if that is how the master schedule and bell schedule works out.
  • Reports:
    • All major/highly used Scheduling and Attendance Reports now support Primary Class Tracking.
    • Letters and Query now support PrimaryTeacherName and other specialty fields.