Overview / Setup

Flex Elementary (aka Elementary Primary Class Scheduling) is now available to be scheduled using the Flex Scheduling concept for the next school year. This feature is currently in BETA for the 2021-22 school year. Flex Elementary schools will use Primary Class Tracking. All scheduling options and reports are now available to be used when a school is currently straight elementary but will move to flex next year. This can be accomplished by enabling the Feature Flag for Flex Scheduling, and initializing the SMS/SSS tables using the Scheduling Setup page.


  • School Options
    • Schools can be set up with Period or Daily attendance.  
    • If Daily Attendance is selected, a Primary ADA time must also be selected.
    • Scheduling Type must be set as Flex Scheduling and will need Flex Periods and Class Calendars.
    • Primary Class Tracking must be enabled.
  • Master Schedule / Scheduling Master:
    • The "Primary Class" flag (MST.PC) must be set for those sections in the Master Schedule that will drive that status for the teacher/student relationship. (SMS.PC for Scheduling Master)
    • Non-Primary Classes can still be the sections to take attendance on some days if that is how the master schedule and bell schedule works out.
  • Reports:
    • All major/highly used Scheduling and Attendance Reports now support Primary Class Tracking.
    • Letters and Query now support PrimaryTeacherName and other specialty fields.

For additional help on moving to Elementary Primary Class Scheduling next year, see Converting to Elementary Flex documentation.