Flex Elementary also known as Elementary Primary Class Scheduling allows for an elementary school to use Flex Scheduling and is designed to identify primary classes using the school's master schedule. Classes can be identified by assigning a flag that designates the class as a primary class. Students are enrolled in one primary class at any given time. Students can be enrolled in multiple other sections but only one will be designated as a primary class, such as a homeroom. The teacher of this class becomes the students primary teacher of record. The Primary Teacher will display on the Student Demographics page and will print on various reports or extended queries. 

Flex scheduling options are available on the Scheduling Setup page and various scheduling reports are now available when a school is currently pure elementary but will move to flex next year. This can be accomplished by enabling the Feature Flag for Flex Scheduling, and initializing the SMS/SSS tables using the Scheduling Setup page.

Criteria / Setup

Criteria for using Primary Class Tracking in Flex Elementary schools: 

  • School Options
  • Scheduling / Master Schedule / Scheduling Master:
    • The Primary Class flag (MST.PC) must be set for those sections in the Master Schedule that will drive that status for the teacher/student relationship. The field is also available in Scheduling Master (SMS.PC).
    • Non-Primary Classes can still be used in the Master Schedule to take attendance.
    • Each student can only be enrolled in one Primary Class at a time, such as a homeroom.
  • Reports:
    • All major/highly used Scheduling and Attendance Reports now support Primary Class Tracking.
    • Letters and Query now support PrimaryTeacherName and other specialty fields.

For additional help on moving to Elementary Primary Class Scheduling next year, see Converting to Elementary Flex documentation.

NOTE: Prior to using the Primary Class indicator, the school option Track Primary Classes for Students must be enabled in School Options and is only available for a Flex Scheduling school type with the Staff ID Based Counselor Option enabled.