Navigate to School Info > School Options.

A new option called Track Primary Classes for Students was added to the School Options page. This feature will allow elementary schools the ability to use Flex Scheduling. However, this option is available in any school setting where flex is used. The option is displayed next to the Scheduling Type and will only be visible when the Scheduling Type is set to 3-Flex Scheduling. A pre-requisite for this option to be used is to enable the Flex Scheduling and Use StaffID Based Counseling Feature flag and school options.

Setting Attendance Type  

The recommended Attendance Type used for elementary schools moving to Flex Scheduling is Daily Attendance. The All Day Attendance Management option should be set to Attendance Time, and the Primary and Secondary ADA Time fields should be populated. 

If the school has a staggered start time (AM/PM Kindergarten), then the Attendance Type can be set to Period instead of Daily. Enable the School Setting option Populate All-Day Attendance Code Automatically. Identifying a Primary ADA Time and a Secondary ADA Time allows the All Day code to be populated automatically based on the attendance code submitted from the Primary Class during the designated ADA times. For more information on All Day Attendance Management, see School Options Setup. 


Flex Scheduling Feature Flag
Flex Scheduling must be enabled
Use Staff ID Based Counselor Tracking must be enabled
User: Read, Update
A User must have Read and Update permission to update either Track Primary Classes for Students option or Use Staff ID Based Counselor Tracking option.

Feature Flag Configurations  

A school must first be set up as a Flex Scheduling school in order for the Track Primary Classes for Students to be visible. The other feature flag that must be enabled is the Use Staff ID Based Counselor Tracking. If your district has not enabled these feature flags and you wish to use this new Primary Class option, contact Aeries support for help with enabling these settings. 

Enabling the Option  

On the School Options page, select the checkmark for Track Primary Classes for Students. If the school has not enabled the Use Staff ID Based Counselor Tracking, a popup message will display to inform user that this option will also be enabled. Select OK to proceed. Selecting Cancel will also cancel the option to turn on Track Primary Classes since both options must be enabled together in order to use Track Primary Classes for Students. If Staff ID Based Counselor Tracking is already enabled, this message will not display. 

Once this option is selected, click SAVE.


The OPT table will store a true value for the field names listed below when enabled.

School Options (OPT)
NMTrackPrimaryClasses = true
School Options (OPT)
UseStaffIDBasedCounselorTracking = true

NOTE:  School type must be set for Flex Scheduling and Staff ID Based Counselor Tracking must also be enabled in order to use the Track Primary Classes for Students option.