The Print Absence Verification Letters to Parents is an option that generates letters to be sent to parents informing them of their Students' excessive absences. This report has been adjusted to work in a Flex School. The school must first create an Absence Verification letter to the parents regarding excessive absences. The Absence Letter Text Editor form is used to prepare these letters and can be reviewed using the Check Abs Verif Letter Text Editor button which opens to a new page. Prior to using this form, ensure the text of the letter is accurate. 

All Absence Codes marked 'Unverified' in the ATT.AL (All Day) field will be used to generate the letters.

The Print Address Information option when selected will expand to include additional options. Options for printing the parent/student address, District or School address and the date of the letter will be included. Other options include adding the school name when printed with the District's return address or adding the District name when printing with the school's return address. The address can be printed in all uppercase. The letters can also be printed using Double Window envelopes. 

Select the option for how these letters are to be sorted:

  • Sort by Student Name
  • Sort by Counselor
  • Sort by Teacher/Period - Select sort by teacher, then select the Period Letters are to be sort on.  For Flex or section staff schools, the teacher name will be based on the Section Staff table (SSE.ID) of the primary teacher. Periods in this drop-down will come from the Flex Periods (FTF.STI) field.

Date Letters are to be handed out - Select the date for letters to be distributed

Count ATT between - Select a Date range for counting Absences. A count is then generated for Absence Codes marked 'Unverified' and will be evaluated based on the All Day (ATT.AL) field.

Update Letter Log - If a letter is created for a student, the Letter Log is updated when this option is checked. This prevents the student from receiving another letter when the same option is selected to run again.

After selecting the options, select the Print Letters button to generate the Absence Letters.

After the letters have been printed, the Print Labels and Print List buttons become available.  These buttons will only be available if the Letter Log was updated.

Print Labels- Print mailing labels for the Letters just generated.

Print List - Print a list of all Letters generated