How do we correct fatal errors due to data entry errors submitted through the SINF extract?

The Log Details (LGD) page in Aeries can be used to remove or edit data that is used for the SINF file.   

The CALPADS Log Details page allows users with permissions to modify the effective date or to delete records with bad data from the Log Details (LGD) table.  

On the Users, Security page, permissions to CALPADS Log Details needs to granted under the Other section.

The CALPADS Log Details page can also be used to adjust the Effective Date if the change needs to before Information Day for reporting purposes.  

Example 1: Student Data US School < 3 years field (SSD.SUS) was entered incorrectly and is being corrected after Information Day.  User with permissions, can edit the record and adjust the Effective Date.

Example 2: Student had their highest ed level populated in Aeries after Census date. If SINF0453F1 occurs, changing the effective date to a date prior to Census Day will resolve the issue as long as the parents/guardians are identified properly.

Changes to the following fields are logged in the Log Details (LGD) table and are used in the CALPADS SINF file.

Students Data (STU)

  • Names (LN, FN, MN, SF, LNA, FNA, MNA)
  • Address (AD, CY, ST, ZC, ZX)
  • Birth fields (BD, BCY, BST, BCU)
  • Gender (GN)
  • Ethnicity/Race(s) (ETH, RC1-RC5)
  • Highest Parent Ed Level (CON.ELV)

Language Assessment (LAC)

  • US School Entry Date (USS)

Secondary Student Data (SSD)

  • US School < 3 Years (SUS)

NOTE:  Effective 2019/2020, the Student Information (SINF) extract has been adjusted to help prevent CALPADS errors when changes are made to specific fields. The SINF extract will ignore the date of the change from the CALPADS Log Details (LGD table) and instead use the student enrollment start date. This will apply to the following absolute fields where data should not be changing for a student: Student Birth Date (STU.BD), Student Birth City (STU.BCY), Student Birth State (STU.BST), Student Birth Country (STU.BCU), Student Ethnicity (STU.ETH), Student Race (STU.RC1-RC5), and US School Enter Date (LAC.USS). 

NOTE: When a change is recorded in the CALPADS Log Details (LGD) or the Address Change History (ADH) page after a student has withdrawn from the school, the SINF extract has been adjusted to use a date within the student's enrollment to avoid causing fatal error GERR0005. 

NOTE: Effective 9/19/2023, CALPADS requires both parents/guardians reported along with the highest education level for each parent. Reporting a parent without the ed level will result in fatal error SINF0453F1. See CALPADS Common error SINF0453F1.