The Enrollment History page displays a Student's enrollment record for the District. The records display student Enter dates, Leave dates, Program changes and Enrollment information.  Enrollments and programs displayed in Enrollment History are based on Demographic (STU) and Attendance (ATT) data. Any manual changes to records on this page can be overwritten by the FIX ENR process which will update the page based on existing Demographic (STU) and Attendance (ATT) data records. If an Enrollment record is updated, the corresponding Demographic (STU) and Attendance (ATT) records also need to be updated.

California - Enrollment History page

Texas - Enrollment History page

The Other District Enrollment tab contains information about a Student's previous district enrollments.  The Other District Enrollment tab is a helpful resource for obtaining information on prior student academic performance and requesting Student records.  Parents enter Other District Enrollment information using the Online Enrollment process or the information can be populated manually during enrollment.